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I concur with people's recommendations of VVVVVV, To the Moon, and Puzzle Agent. Botanicula is great, although I prefer the game that preceded it (made by the same studio) Machinarium. On top of being beautiful and charming, it has one of my favorite game soundtracks ever.

It was well received at the time of released, but I rarely see And Yet It Moves mentioned anymore. Admittedly I haven't played it in a few years, but I have fond memories of it.

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@Hunter5024: Do you also buy them all on vinyl?

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Oh wait nevermind I got it. It's on of these crazy CD cases where the frame swings open to the right once you're inside the case.

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Can't seem to turn the plastic tray to get to the second cd. No clear way how to do it. Worried that it I try to pry it the case will break which would suck. Anyone else pick this up on CD and have a similar problem?

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I have received shipping email for FRD but no Member notice :(

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Given the huge amount of shirts they sold the week of the BLLSL between CDC, FRD, and member shirts, I wouldn't be surprised if shipping notifications and actual deliveries are spread out over a few weeks. I ordered shirts during BLLSL and a bit earlier that week and have not received shipping notes.

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Just finished In Cold Blood by Truman Capote and loved it. Just bought and started Breed by Chase Novak on a whim, I don't know if it'll be any good.

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Nothing beats Four Swords Adventures. That game was truly delicious.

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Glasses. Jacket. Shirt. Call me GlassesJacketShirt Man.

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I would say Bloom by Beach House... Does May count as summer?

Yellow and Green-Baroness

The Idler Wheel...-Fiona Apple

Swing Lo Magellan-Dirty Projectors

Confess-Twin Shadow

Haven't listened to Channel Orange yet but it sounds like it's the real deal given the reviews and the comments on this thread