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Impressive. I managed to defeat Olmec for the first time recently, but haven't even managed to make it to Hell yet.

Also I went and listened to Melodies of Life after reading this article.

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He should have announced the points through rap. I could have gotten behind that.

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Love that Netherlands are doing so well. Poor France though.

Oh hey they got 1 finally!

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Netherlands is easily my favorite in terms of the actual song.

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Thanks, I just went and picked this up. Been meaning to play Antichamber for a while.

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Some more stats:

  • XCOM is the only game to appear on every list.
  • The Walking Dead/Journey both appear on every list except Jeff's.
  • The Walking Dead came first or second in every list it was on.
  • Syndicate/ZombiU make the top 10 despite being on only one list each.
  • Halo 4 came first in every list it was on. Unfortunately for it, it was only on Drew's.
  • FTL appeared on the most lists without making it on to the actual top 10 (4 lists).
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Happy birthday Dave! Truly the most hardcore of designers!

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Sucks that people will lose their jobs, but I won't miss Game in the slightest. Whenever they talk about bad GameStop experiences on the Bombcast it always sounds like they're describing Game to me, so that should give non-Brits a good idea of what the chain is like.

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I want it!

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I wonder if the huge ad for MW3 on the Steam front page is Valve saying "This is what you're missing out on EA!"