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@Cerogravian: It's one of the advantages of Spotify -- loads of music that's easily searchable. 
 Thanks, Captain- oh I get it now. 
I'm really glad people like it. Hope y'all enjoy next Wednesday's episode.
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I have a Google Alert set up for whenever "Unoriginal Soundtracks" appears on the internet. Thanks for spreading the word! I assume you're the guy who left the comment on Cerebral Pop. That really made me happy too.
And here's links for non-iTunes users:  RSS and that Deadly Premonition episode
Edit: Oh! And if you like hearing people talk about Deadly Premonition, you should listen to This Podcast Contains Spoilers. It's SWERY approved.

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@RiotBananas said:

" @Three0neFive said:

" It isn't an impulse buy if you think about it. "
It's impulse in the way that I need to burn some money on something I won't use. "
In that case, why does it matter which one you buy?
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I'm not even sure a UK team would be a great idea -- the Celts wouldn't have a team any more, as almost all the best UK players are English. A lot of us identify as Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish over British. The same for Luxembourg or Belgium -- they could be "in" the World Cup, but they'd be watching someone else's team.

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Try it and decide if that feeling is worth taking years off your life. Bum a cigarette off a friend if you don't want to buy a pack and risk getting addicted by the end of it.

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@HandsomeDead said:
" @The_A_Drain: I've just finished and i'm thinking the same thing. Same with the torching 1,000 birds. As far as I can tell, I killed all the ones that attacked me and I ended with just under 900 so I'm assuming there are ones i'll need to track down myself. "
The number carries on to the next game.
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I'm sorry -- I'm far too below the upper classes to have a motto, coat of arms, or anything like that.

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D'oh! Wrong ninja. 
Well done, Handsome.

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My favourite bit was the terrible rhymes:

Cocaine, weed, booze, and whores
I'm Craig Charles off Robot Wars.