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where police are paramilitary and military are police.


Why do i suddenly feel as i am being watched.

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@Mirado said:

Sure, I can see GB as equal parts "a gay man" and "the greatest rock vocalist to ever live".

Shame this probably constitutes Youtube spam, as Freddie Mercury is/was one of the greatest voices in history and the more that he is posted, the better.

I honestly forgot the lead singer was even gay until it was brought up here,I was referring more to all the kick ass stuff in the video.

Also yes,maybe youtube spam but it is in off topic,I didnt post it in general or on a game forum.

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This video,for me,personifies how I view Giantbomb.

Every time I watch a quick look,or any other content I feel exuberance,I feel happy and in the back of my mind I hear this.

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I read on a couple other sites that the vita 1.5 firmware eula contains the "im not allowed to enter a class action lawsuit" thing,so if your entering a psn account link to a ps3 you mite want to resend that opt out letter.

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Ok,so the Day 12 confused me a bit.

At first I saw day 12 and thought,ok so the quest started on the 12th,but its 12th day on Dec. 14th....

I just spent a half hour looking at pages for day 2 because I misread the quest\post.

Maybe add a date to the graph in the op.

Post still helped though,thanks.

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My fondest memories are from Sonic 2,shinobi 3....
and a game I can not remember the title of,you where a ninja that picked up power-ups that turned you into a scorpion,a bird,or a fish each with respective abilities.

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To elaborate on the topic,as "scary games" really are not all that scary to me,
the first time I jumped while playing a game was in Halo.

Ya,I know but it was the first game I played in proper surround sound and when the capt. said "I don't have any bullets for it" for the first time I about shite myself trying to figure out where it came from.

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AHHH,this talk of Arcana Heart and Blaz Blue makes me wish the was a PS3 version of DOA...

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@jadeskye said:
" What is this thread? 

*goes back to playing portal 2 coop on my xbox 360* 

Pulls up a server list on his PC.