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I think the Kintectless XB1 is the biggest thing, news wise we will get before E3. I hope I am wrong but yeah hopefully it will be just about games.

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Its gotta be a better value than what CoD Ghosts' Season pass is going to be.

If I buy it now, do I get anything now? Or is it just a pre order for things to come later?

Most of it is stuff that comes out later, its like a season pass really.

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It lives!

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I really wanted this to be fake, I really did. Rest in Piece, Ryan. We will miss you.

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Refresh and rejoice.

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@dkessler175: Oh trust me, I sat there during the Sony conference praying for a Price Drop but I keep thinking that, the Instant Game Bundle will eventually be phased out. Well the Vita should be getting some new stuff when the PS4 hits I assume.

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I haven't had an Xbox since 2009, so yes I have cancelled my Xbox Live subscription, but years ago, not recently.

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I haven't seen tab in like 10 years.

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I wish developers would stop getting "Action game with disgusting creatures or just zombies" and "Horror" mixed up.

There is also the whole, is this game a true Survival horror game as well.