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Its like some kinda awesome rainbow filled with greatness gravy 0

 Sonic is back again and way better than Sonic Unleashed for a deddicated Wii/DS version. I got the Wii version since the DS version litterally Sonic Rush 3. I may get it later who knows.Sonic is the only playable character in this game JUST Sonic. Tails is in the game but just for story he isnt playable. This time around Robotnik has build a flying Amusement park in space. Too bad he is using the power of some aliens and kidnapped THIER ENTIRE HOME PLANETS from them to do it. So its Soni...

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A fun game if given the chance. 0

[Review originally posted on my gamespot account on December 14th 2008] Okay. Ive held off reviewing the game until I truly got my thoughts together. The game Blue Dragon is an Japanese Turn based rpg by Mistwalker. You play as Shu Jiro and Kluke 3 friends that live in a village that is being terrorized by an evil guy called Nene and they have to stop him (they meet up with 2 other characters by the way that join there party) They get these sepcial magical powers from these creatures that ...

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Better than most portable GTA games. 0

The DS version of Grand Theft Auto is a great new take on the series. Return to the world of 2-d top down view from GTA 1 and 2 with new features from new games like 4. This was originally posted on May 11th 2009 on my Gamespot profile. You play as a Chinese guy this time around that came to America to find out who killed his father and deliver the family heirloom that has been in the family to determine who is the leader is his Uncle. Like all GTA's though there are plot twist abound and e...

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Bask in greatness. Period. 0

This review was originally posted March 15th 2008 on my Gamespot profile. Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super smash bros came on the scene in spring of '99. It is a fighting/brawler that pitted Nintendo characters in with each other to duke it out. It was intentionally a pet project for Nintendo to see how people reacted it got good scores and was praised by fans. So in 2001 after the Gamecube was released. Super Smash Bros Melee was released. The reaction was explosive making it the top most se...

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A fun mix of puzzle and music. 0

 Turba is a fun little game on Steam that combines the puzzle gameplay of something similar to bejeweled and the music of...well whatever music you have on your computer! I love other games like this including Audiosurf and Beat Hazard. This review was originally posted on January 10 2011 on my Gamespot profile. There are 3 game modes. Freeplay which is a game mode you cant lose in. A row of blocks simply just disappear from the bottom and you continue until the song is over. Ascend is whe...

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A great beginning to the 2nd series. 0

Mega Man X can simply be summed up as "balanced." It is a great combination of the difficulty of the original Mega Man/Rockman games while adding a bunch of new features that change the entire gameplay dynamic of the blue bomber. Like the original series you have to fight 8 robots, this time called Mavericks which are based off of animals and are clearly not humanoid and then eventually fight the final boss. This time though you don't fight Dr. Wily you fight a virus named Sigma who has been pla...

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