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    How are people going to complain about the local only co-op when they make it clear thats entirely the point?

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    Everything is Terrible started doing this a while back with Jerry Maguire. When I saw them last year in SF, they started the show by calling for their 'Jerrys' and a handful of people ran up to give ...

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    The Firemen - Hot Shit

    Uhhh, not sure what Danny's up to with that survivor The fact that The Firemen exists is a weird thing. An action game about battling rampaging fires, it shows developer Human Entertainment’s l...

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    My girlfriend' gets a pack of them every birthday from her mom and we pawn them off on drunk friends, who regret eating them 100% of the time

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    No game before or since has felt as great to me as The Witcher 2 did. The combat felt fresh, the narrative was deep, the characters were one of a kind made even better with great voice-acting.

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