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Is there any way to review what Bounties you have completed?

After each bounty it says I get reputation points - sometimes 100 or so, but when I look at my character screen it still says 0. What is going on?

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I've discussed this elsewhere, but who else thinks they're just gonna give Most Disappointed to the year of 2014 in gaming in general? With all the GamerGate bullshit, all/most games getting delayed till next year, Destiny and Watch Dogs being general disappointments, and there mostly being nothing to play on new consoles except up-rezzed last gen ports. There's no WAY GB just gives biggest disappointment to one title in particular. The entire concept of triple A games right now is fucked, and I think Gaming in 2014 will take home the award.

Yup, it has easily been the worst year in gaming I can every remember. There have been lots of fun indie games but big-budget 3D games have been consistently mediocre.

However I don't agree with you that AAA development is as screwed as you say. It has been a spectacularly average year but I think Jeff's comments on this weeks Bombcast about money starting to be thrown around, added to the rash of delays indictates that things are going to get more interesting next year. I think that all the delays are actually a really good sign, and that they indicate publishers who want to get things right and believe that their projects deserve the time, and that there is a market for good new titles, something people where unsure of a year ago.

I think games will start to improve once the first crop of games comes out which started major development with a working console in the studio. It feels like a lot of the games coming out this year have been grappling with not knowing what the new machines could do and with having to straddle the previous consoles. Once we get the first pure next-gen games things will change - I hope!

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@fattony12000 Hi mate, messaged you on Bungie.net My username is leebmx, same here, same on PSN and Bungie. Can you hook me up - really think I am going to need some like-minded people to play with if I am going to keep this interesting.

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Something seems wrong about playing a Batman game in the height of summer.

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Even my team - Leyton Orient - from two divisions below managed to beat Villa recently (evidence below if you find this had to believe)

Villa recently have been the epitome of mediocrity, the only reason to support them would be if you really wanted to experience the average football fan's mindset of frustration, boredom and impotent rage. They have spent most of the last 25 years playing undistinguished football, never good enough to excite the fans through success, but never bad enough to at least stir the passions by a close escape from relegation. Unless you feel some real sporting romance, or have some other association with Villa I would avoid them. Sport is supposed to stir emotion and Villa will just bore you to tears.

Liverpool are a much better choice if you want exciting football, great fans, amazing history (Villa's is quite rich to be fair, they have just not made much recently) and they are currently challenging for silverware, but not in a way which would make you seem like a glory hunter.

However you mention that you want to support an underdog. May I suggest you step outside the spoilt, wealthy environs of the 'Premier League' (Division One to anyone who understands that football didn't start when Murdoch opened his wallet in 1992) The PL is great if you want to watch teams of millionare mercenaries play football in muted stadiums filled with tourists and prawn sandwich munching corporate day-trippers, but you have to step down a division or two if you want to find the real soul of English football. English football is about long balls, centre-backs and centre forwards who look like builders, muddy pitches, proper tackling and crowds full of small children shouting abuse at players taking corner kicks.

More seriously, If you want a proper team - and a real underdog, you have, have, to look outside the premier league. The PL take the vast majority of the revenue which goes into English football, finances which before its inception in '92 used to be shared out much more equally between all 92 clubs. This has hugely imballanced the English game making it more and more difficult for teams outside the big three or four to challenge. It is now completely impossible to challenge for the title without a benefactor prepared to spend a serious fortune. There is no way teams from provincial towns like Derby or Nottingham, even Birmingham (the second city, where Villa are based) can win the league. Teams used to be able to come from the second division and be challenging for the title within a season or two. Leeds, Forrest, and Liverpool all managed this. No longer - you have to be established in the Champions League (another gated community within football) or have huge revenues to compete.

In a way that slightly contradicts my argument, this has had a big effect on the mid-ranking PL teams like Villa. Previously Villa could contemplate the possibility of making the occasional bids for glory. They won the league and European Cup in the early 80's but now they are comdemmed to season after season of mid-table nothingness, their only hope for excitement a cup run or perversely a tense battle against relegation. The moneyed elite have closed and locked the doors to the good times. In a way this makes them underdogs of a sort, but still ones who voted for the PL in the hope of greater monies but have been punished by their own greed.

Wow, didn't mean to rant on so much, it just came flooding out. In conclusion: for excitement support Liverpool, for boredom and self-hatred support Villa. For a clear conscience, quirky cool status, and excitement (we challenged all the way for promotion last season, only losing the play-off final at Wembley - all without spending a penny on a player since 2010) support Leyton Orient.

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Nice. Hope this winds up on consoles at some point.

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Fire walk with me is something you kinda have to watch too, but it's not exactly good.

I just came to say that seeing BOB on the show gave me nightmares when I finally got around to watching it recently. Still have to watch Fire Walk With Me.

Fire Walk With Me is hugely underrated. I remember being really excited for it at the time because I loved the series so much, and then it got absolutely savaged when it came out, and I didn't go and see it because I didn't want my memories of the show spoiled. I finally caught up with it last year, and I really think it is up their with Lynch's best stuff. It really captures the feel of the T.V. show, while being able to move into much darker and even more surreal territory. There seems to have been a bit of a critical turnaround as well -

Mark Kermode tells it much better than me:

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I absolutely loved it when it was on, but I haven't watched it since, and I am betting it hasn't aged amazingly. Although I did watch Fire Walk With Me recently, for the first time, and that was way better than I had been lead to be believed, so who knows.

Also you have, have, to watch the second series. The last four episodes are some of the best television I have ever seen. It gets a bad rap because I think Lynch had plans for the series to continue but ratings slumped and they were cancelled. However they managed to write it to a close, even if it wasn't the finale they might have envisioned, and I think it really works.

The problem is that the show gets a little meandering and full of slightly pointless, but oh so quirky and loveable red herrings as it moves into series two. However it is really worth sticking with for the way it ties up. The end of series two is truly terrifying and surreal, while still making perfect sense. If you love Lynch's ouvre then you will enjoy it - and you won't know who kill Laura Palmer if you don't....

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@leebmx: I think it would be ludicrous to put a camera on every police officer and a huge invasion of privacy but that's probably the way things are going. Sure it may keep some of them in line but a camera would probably be used more against citizens than the actual police officers.

I don't see how it would be an invasion of privacy. They wouldn't have to wear it at home or anything, just when they are interacting with the public. It has already been trialled in areas of the US and UK and complaints of police malpractice drop significantly.

I can only see benefits really. It keeps the police in line and stops the naughty citizens from making stuff up. I am not really sure how it would be used against citizens - how were you thinking this might happen?

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The sooner all police officers are forced to wear cameras which record all their interactions with the public the sooner this kind of shit stops. It will also help the police because there are undoubtedly times they face false accusations as well.

I see this from both points of view. It must be scary to be a policeman in the U.S. where anyone could be armed and crime is such a huge problem, however this seems to have bred a shoot-first policy which when allied to a culture of legal impunity for the police force (when you can execute a guy on camera and just serve a year in prison, you know the police can get away with almost anything) makes needless death an inevitability.

I don't live in the US, but it seems as if the police there think their first job is to protect themselves from the public rather than the public from crime. The police in the UK are incompetent, scary and racist in all sorts of ways, but there is still a tenuous link to the concept of policing by consent, rather than through force.