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...[W]e should hire based on merit, and not gender.

Friend, I'll be honest: Every time I hear this phrase uttered anew, my brain explodes. The unfortunate — and unintended, I know! — insinuation being made here is that "merit" and "gender" (or "race," or "sexual orientation" or whatever) are somehow mutually exclusive. Yikes! Instead of letting people owntheir personal achievements, we perhaps suspect them of being hired according to some mysterious "quota." Yikes again!

No one is saying "hire a woman instead of a competent, qualified person." Yikes, yikes, yikes!

This times this

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As a indie minority game designer I can say that they lack of diversity in the gaming community is disheartening especially since minorities are the highest consumers of video games. I had my first interview yesterday with a potential publisher and the racism I experienced was quite unbelievable. Still glad to see the new guys join the Giantbomb team.

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boring, low scoring and too long

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VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!

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Fuck no

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Excited for the first time in years to play a FPS

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@white said:

Assuming they work from 9 am to 5pm everyday (which is already a pretty slack work schedule), that equates to a 30 35 hours per week, excluding lunch. If they spend the following amount of time for activities such as:

  1. 2 hours per day for video content (10 hours total)
  2. 5 hours per week for podcasts (including prep)
  3. 3 hours per week for UPF

That only equates to about 18 hours total. Let's assume they also take occasional breaks in between, bringing that total to 20 hours, what are they spending the other 10 15 doing? They don't write much written content anymore.

This is also a legit question that I had. Vinny and Drew definitely work the most.

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VISEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!