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I have severe social anxiety and a bit of agoraphobia it really sucks.

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it's really cool that they are getting rid of scores but seems bad for their business. maybe their audience like to read more than most generally do?

honestly, i like quick looks a lot but they aren't good purchasing guides for me. i like the guys and i like watching them f around with a game for an hour or so but games and developers deserve better than to be judged that way. finish the game or spend like 10-20 hours on it before telling ppl something sucks or not. i just can't get behind the whole "if i don't like the first hour that much, i don't like the game" approach. there is a huge difference of tone whenever they actually review a game vs. just a quick look.

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Wow the negativity in here is overwhelming lol. I for one will add Kinda Funny Games to my very short list of things i back on the internet. The list becomes Giant Bomb subscription and Kinda Funny Games on patreon. The amount of people calling Colin "pretentious" and saying they don't like him for this reason or that reason is hilarious. I see people talk about Jeff the same exact way outside of the GB community. Just weird, personally Podcast Beyond and Greg and Colin are the one duo that I put above GB for me in terms of if i have both podcasts i will listen to Beyond first. Or if theres a new video i will watch theirs first.

Also people who say that people go to IGN for news and not for the personalities are so very wrong. Sure a lot of people go there for news but there is a very large community behind that at IGN. The Beyond community in particular is huge and more than capable of supporting a venture like this. I just watched their first live morning show and i really think its going to be a good move. Colin and Greg Live is supposed to be like Mike and Mike kinda and the idea imo is brilliant. Just 2 dudes bull shitting about games and stuff every morning for an hour or 2. Imagine if Jeff and Dan hosted a morning show every single weekday you all would be incredibly excited for that.

I dunno i'm surprised by the massive amounts of negativity in this thread. Be open to new things its not going to kill you. Even if 3 years ago Greg or Colin said something you didn't like. You people and your grudges are horrendous.

here is the first episode of Greg and Colin Live....


That's Giant Bomb for you.

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Damn son!!!!!!!!!!!

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Max Payne 3

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Video Games!!!!!!

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Alexis is gone

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I just signed a deal with a publisher for my game it's been interesting to say the least lol

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Dan is currently my favorite human being