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Makes the decision to not buy either game pretty easy for me!

Titanfall/BF4? Get fucked origin, you aren't worth my money

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I'm surprised you guys use 2 tanks and 3 healers on H madness, have you tried the 1 tank/2 heal method?

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@AbeBroHamLincon: It took you 9 months to level to 60? What did you do play 15 minutes a day? If you want a grind fest go back to when Lineage 2 launched and try to level to 60 in that game. That would really have taken you 9 months.

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@Marz said:

Act 2 treasure goblin.

I'm doing the same thing

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@fox01313: Dont use haunt, the damage is misleading. 575% over 12 sec is only 47.9% damage a sec while spamming firebats is 220% damage a sec. Use Vision Quest and pick a build that has gargantuan, zombie wall, splinter darts, and spam fire bats

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@eternalshades: Had that happen to me last night on inferno butcher, I had to go find 5 more packs to get it stacked up again

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@krisniiran: People were leveling to 60 in a day by creating a game, turning in the quest and rinse/repeat

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Extra Fast, inv minions. Doesn't matter what else, as long is there isn't this combo I can kill them

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@supamon: Thumbs up for that

@thehuntsmen5434: Some people like the challenge like myself. Inferno really isn't that hard once you get used to it. You can't simply use the same run into room and mash buttons strategy like you can in the first three difficulties.

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@Shaddoknight: I'm currently in Act 2 Inferno mode. Zombie dogs and sacrifice are worthless after normal mode. This is the build I would use in Nightmare and Hell


Once you get Vision Quest at 40 you'll want to use this


Pretty much the same, just make sure your gargantuan is always on cooldown and pop your other skills when you run into packs and spam direbats. Make sure you get a high dps weapon and use a mojo for an offhand, do not use a 2hand weapon. Also try and get gear with attack speed, it will up your poison dart dps by alot.

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