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I strangely enjoy all these games mentioned. One not mentioned is the way rogue legacy handles it. Your heir encorporating all your skills

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@fluxwavez: Super smash seems like more of a couch multiplayer title than a handheld game. Could move some units but i haven't saw much buzz about the game except from nintendo

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I just Purchased a Wii U, and have gotten a few good games for it cheaply already, but i hope this doesn't mean they are going to ditch support for the console anytime soon. I want to see some stellar metroid and Zelda releases on the system.

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hmm guess that explains why the Witcher 2 ran like crap on my pc when it came out yet I can run recently released games on high settings.

Also been about 10+ years since I pirated a game, steam has made it so that why would I bother.

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alot of civilziation 4, if your counting the mac version i guess so but that game was out before the xbox 360, will get my list later

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A dark souls endurance run would be great viewing :)

and also don't get everyones complaints about the pc version, i have a good time playing it on there

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I heard that the 3rd announcement is gonna be half life 3 exclusive to steamOS

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wtf this really sucks :(

i was half following his honeymoon adventures on twitter and wondered y he hadnt updated :(

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now to drop the price.....

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