Games I've played to the end credits

i'll be adding to this list every now and then with both recently finished games and whenever i can remember a game i've finished in the past (mostly thanks to watching other peoples lists)

a couple notes in the game comments:

"-100%" means i've found everything there is to find, done everything there is to do, reached the highest level. it's one hundred percent!

"-finished at least 5 times" is what it sounds like, repeated playthroughs. (can be A LOT higher than 5 on some games)

"-finished at highest difficulty" derp.

"-solo'd" refers to 'party' based games, where i'd kill off / remove every party member except the main character for the added challenge.

"-all time favourite" one of the best games i've ever played.

List items

Posted by FireVisor

Yup, steadily 50% behind... Gotta shape up! ;)