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4 days left and around $5k away from being funded, should a game like Bob's Game be left to fail by the gaming community? I argue why I think not below, but first here is a link to the game's Kickstarter and videos of the game's demo and engine.

Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bobsgame/bobs-game

Game Demos:

Robert Pelloni explains how the game engine he developed works:

(Seems like editing this post on the mobile site removed all the videos. I'll fix if later when I can use the full site. Still blows my mind why isn't there an option to use the full site on your phone like many other websites do. Maybe we should start a Kickstarter for a better GB mobile site. :P)

Some users here might be aware of the controversy surrounding this game. Robert Pelloni, and indie developer who has been working on his dream RPG alone for 10 years, staged his own small "protest" 5 years ago to get enough attention from Nintendo in hopes of getting an SDK from them that would allow him to publish the game on the DS. He tried many different things that garnered him a controversial reputation, from locking himself up in a room for a month while he worked on his game and streamed it live, to making it look like he destroyed all the equipment in his office which got some people worried about his safety and reported that to the police. He posted videos and wrote a detailed blog later on which clearly shows that all of these things he did were not real and were all part of a viral campaign he did to spread the word about the game and make Nintendo consider giving him the SDK. He also explained he was playing a character this whole time. The bad guy in his game is Bob himself and this is the character that we saw go to Nintendo World and place empty DS boxes of his game on shelves and throw business cards on the floor (both were fake and did not actually happen as Bob showed in later videos). Whether what he did back then was smart or it was an indication of lack of experience in the business side of game development and publishing is left to everyone to decide for themselves; however, it did bring the game to my attention and many other people and so Bob succeeded in this regard. It also brought him hate from many others who did not agree with how he did things back then, but that is all in the past.

As some of you may know, Bob started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of the game so that he can finally finish it 10 years later. He seems to be going through financial troubles which started a few years back and prevented him from focusing on development and finishing work on his game, and so he needs a place to work and some equipment to use to finish the game he started making 10 years ago. Prior to launching the Kickstarter, Bob posted a long and very detailed blog on the game's website detailing the life of "Bob", not the real life Robert Pelloni, but the game's antagonist "Bob". Some people misunderstood that as Bob himself being crazy or pretending to be crazy, but if you listen to his game engine explanation which I posted above or go read his comments on the Kickstarter page, you can see that they were written by a very collected and intelligent person who has a clear vision and principles for his work. For example, his backers have been asking him to add higher tiers so that the Kickstarter would see more success, so he added a $500 tier that would give backers a chance to have their own sprite in the game, but then after it was backed by only one backer, he decided to remove the tier and explained his decision by saying:

I'm actually going to refund the backer that got the $500 tier and draw the sprite anyway for free. I am uncomfortable with anyone paying over $20.

It seems to me that someone who feels uncomfortable asking people for more than $20 for his game is not someone who is doing this for the money. Everything he did so far has shown such passion and dedication to his project that is rarely seen in today's game developers. I think it would be such a waste if we let this project fail. Bob said if this Kickstarter is not a success, he would quit game development for the foreseeable future and go work in a Walmart or some place where he can earn a living because he cannot afford to continue working on his game anymore. I really hope the Kickstarter can get more attention and succeed in the coming 4 days. While Bob didn't ask for more than $20 for his game, if you are considering backing the game, you can still pledge more by changing the pledge amount to try and support him. If you feel that this Kickstarter deserves support like I do, you might also want to spread the word about this Kickstarter everywhere you can including facebook, twitter, reddit and other gaming forums. Someone as passionate about what they do as Bob deserves to see success in my opinion and I hope you think the same too.


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Never played this game online either. Interesting to see what I've missed.

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Nice article for those who want to know more about the history of this game.

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@believer258: I'm the kind of guy who puts his money where his mouth is. I already backed the project with $60.

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@believer258: "Date joined: 2008-07-21" Yeah I thought it would be a great idea to join Giant Bomb the day it launched just so I can promote my Kickstarter six years later.

Obviously Bob doesn't care what people say about him or tries to prove them wrong. Everything he did so far, he did for his game. The guy is so dedicated to making his game as he envisioned, I really want to play it and I wish people wouldn't dismiss it just because they think the guy is "crazy" based on a few pics and forum posts with out-of-context quotes from his website. There are demos available on the Kickstarter page. People should play them and see why this game deserves to be funded.

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@rawknro11a: He needs a place to work in so he can finish the game. With $10k he can only afford a van and I think it's amazing that he's willing to live and work in it. He might be able to rent an office for a couple of years if he reaches $20k. An office would be much better of course so I'm hoping he will get this much from the Kickstarter.

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@hailinel: Yeah he has a donation button now for people who can't use Kickstarter and want to back his project, kinda like what Double Fine did with Broken Age. Everyone now knows or should know that it's all an act and if they decide to donate, it's because they support him not because they are "tricked" by him.

I meant he should've approached Sony or Microsoft before he approached Nintendo. He probably wouldn't have had to do that little "breakdown" of his if he did. That whole Yakuza thing is an obvious joke and now he's using it in his game which I think is pretty funny, but hey look at the link below. Just sayin' :P (I'm joking too. Saying this just in case because you guys seem to take things way too seriously).


As for the planning ahead part, I guess he believed in Nintendo a little too much back then. They were his childhood heroes in a sense. But then, he was 25 and pretty inexperienced. This is what makes me think he deserves support though. He's pretty passionate and ambitious. I think we can all agree that this is something commendable in a person at least. Even though you might say he wasn't being realistic, many people would've gotten nowhere if they had only "realistic" ambitions. It didn't work out for him which is sad, but now he's giving it another go and he's leaving it to the community to decide whether he deserves another chance or not. I personally think he does.

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@hailinel: He didn't do that to get money from people. He didn't even have a donation button back then even though many indie devs had that and were ok with asking people for donations. He had only one goal which was to get people talking about him and his game in order to get Nintendo's attention. He did get their attention but they weren't ready to give the guy a chance to prove himself. I actually believe if he went for Sony or Microsoft at the time, he probably would've gotten an SDK from them and his game would already be out.

Nintendo were, and still are to some extent, just bad to indie developers. Team Meat couldn't release Super Meat Boy on the Wii because of some stupid restrictions Nintendo had, and the same thing happened with Binding of Isaac. It's such a shame he wanted his game on a Nintendo console or he would've had more success publishing it.

Say what you want about the man and how he decided to do certain things, but I think he's passionate, dedicated and pretty talented. I'd say he definitely deserves support and from the demos I played the game is going to be pretty good.

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@hailinel: He didn't throw any fit. He just rearranged the stuff in his room to make it look like he did and he posted a video of himself doing that afterwards. You say it's ok for a wrestler to do something like this because he's following a script. Well, Bob is writing his own script. It's all an act and you can tell if you watch his old vlogs.