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$127 million

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Good luck to everyone and thanks Rorie for the chance.

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You've got to be shitting me...

RIP Ryan Davis...

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I remember reading a similar article to the L.A. Noire one, but it was a dad (or maybe a grandfather) playing through MGS4. I forgot where I read it though. This piece is pretty fantastic though. I love reading the perspectives of an older generation who don't really know anything or dislike games.

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Sucks, I hope they get released soon.

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I remember reading somewhere that Kojima wanted to have a game with some kind of social experience and to have an open world environment. If it is a Metal Gear game, I'd predict it somewhere to be either during MGS2 timeline where Snake is in Philanthropy and the organization is taking down Metal Gears and shit, or before MGS4. Either way, I'd rather have ZOE3 on Fox Engine.

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Show what exactly Enders Project is please.

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Sorry that i mindfucked you :(
I wouldn't have the balls to look at that forum.

I've read tons of fucked up stories, and people do some fucked up shit, or invent fucked up shit. The worst is when i read the synopsis to The Syrbian Film or whatever its called.

Some peole just have insane desires.
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Zone of the Enders 3