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That is just amazing, excellent work. Got one.

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He also did Backstage Assault, didn't he?

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I'd prefer it be run by neither, but Twitch is being very problematic itself these days with the horrible censoring and silencing of archived streams.

At least Google didn't buy them out, because Google has pretty much made YouTube a very problematic place, trying to interject their own Google+ failure into that project was a big mistake that does nothing but infuriate people.

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Very happy to see this finally happen. 500GB for a console that promotes downloadable retail games is a joke. I'm already at like half-capacity and the console is barely half a year old.

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No Vinny with Jeff any more? Fuck.

Either way, best of luck to you returning to your roots, Vinny. Giant Bomb "main" will feel sorely lost without you.

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I just want you to know this is one of the greatest goddamn things on the internet.

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Animal Crossing is pretty dope. Nice article.

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I can usually eat a full large pizza if I want to and I'm not fat or anything.

Little Caesars, though, might make me feel a little ill.

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Yeah, it's the full game — but like all mobile games you can pay to advance, if you want to.

It's worth the 5 bucks, I think, especially on an iPad. But it might go on sale for 99 cents at some point in the near future, so if it's not a must-own now I'd say wait tbh.

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- I didn't interrupt the eulogy (who would?).

- I went to the Trip Trap, Crane's appartment, then the Dum's office

- I offered Flycatcher a job.

- I didn't burn the tree because of the heritage aspect and that something like that can always be useful in some regards.

- I didn't kill Dum, as much as I wanted to. Not killing people in Telltale games always comes back to benefit, plus Bigby is a changed man, he took the high road. The Dum's learned their lesson, I feel, and might end up helping later on in the game now that we've got a true villain revealed.