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Well, here we go again.

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This was a touching read. I'll admit I wasn't your biggest fan for a while, but you've certainly found your place and voice here within the past few years. Reading and seeing the email between you and Ryan brought me back to the glory days of Whiskey Media and how things changed so much since then. Unfortunately, you leaving also represents a large change, but one I hope you find happiness in. I really liked how you were big on posting news and even the morning show was great to have on a site that isn't really built upon gaming news.

You'll be missed by a lot of us here, because you were a youthful voice in a site full of mostly cynical older guys (no disrespect, I love everyone who is apart of Giant Bomb), and that means a lot. We've lost a lot of people from the Whiskey days, so at least try to come by more than Alexis and Dave, you were a big part of the site even if you weren't in direct contact with a lot of the duders here.

You must keep Spookin' with Scoops around in some capacity. It's too good of a live show to let go, especially because you were the only one here that posted or cared about horror games.

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Viva Pinata's barely-mentioned sequel is a fantastic choice for a free game. It's pretty hard to find too. Awesome.

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Why the hell aren't TVs formatted to display this without the bar? It's irritating, and it makes watching movies a real problem.

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But, but, Caleb Hart's streams are going to be boring unless he goes shirtless. What the hell, Twitch, you're getting too insane.

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That is just amazing, excellent work. Got one.

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He also did Backstage Assault, didn't he?

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I'd prefer it be run by neither, but Twitch is being very problematic itself these days with the horrible censoring and silencing of archived streams.

At least Google didn't buy them out, because Google has pretty much made YouTube a very problematic place, trying to interject their own Google+ failure into that project was a big mistake that does nothing but infuriate people.

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Very happy to see this finally happen. 500GB for a console that promotes downloadable retail games is a joke. I'm already at like half-capacity and the console is barely half a year old.

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No Vinny with Jeff any more? Fuck.

Either way, best of luck to you returning to your roots, Vinny. Giant Bomb "main" will feel sorely lost without you.