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I finished 50 nuggets in one sitting, when 3 of my buddies challenged each other who could do it first. I won. Also I've had two baconators in one sitting. Later that night I vomited black bile that burned on the way up and stained the toilet. Never again.

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You guys are making me want to write a math book about the definitions of games. Think of this shift as moving from metric spaces to topological spaces. There are obvious qualities to all the aforementioned games that we want to describe. All that is necessary is to give such a definition a general enough basis that that roguelikes are specific subset of those games. Like a square being a rectangle, but not all rectangles are squares.

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Yeah sure. I like having my ego stroked, and I'm almost always number 1 in that department when comes to school. Valedictorian at my highschool, 3.95 gpa as a junior in college. Although this graph theory class I'm taking is giving me a run for my money. I may get my first B this semester.

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I like the software but damn Valve, get your edge back. The video was too "clean".

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I'm very good at on the spot comedy. If I know a person well enough, I usually can reference something specific that I know will make them cry laughing. Also I've got fairly good wit.

Edit: I know I have no way of proving humor, but I was coming up with some ok pick up lines in a facebook conversation today.

"Me and you together is a tautology baby".

"Our sets will have an intersection soon"

"Let my edge be adjacent to your vertice"

"Hey baby, let delete the boundary of your closed set to make it open for me, I promise my homeomporhism will keep the structure intact"

"I'll make you H2 OH!"

The focus was on math and chem pick up lines.

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I always use college but I guess I should start saying that I'm going to university.

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Math major. Modern math is hard, but its crazy. And I love crazy. I spent yesterday on and off writing three proofs in LaTeX. Probably all wrong.

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I used to follow everything down to a tee, and was able to have debates with my politics teachers. Then I realized what is truly going on. Politics in America now has the same mindset as talking about your favorite football teams. Literally the more I hear of it, the more enraged I get. Someone on facebook states "So and so did this stupid thing!", and then the other will state "This guy did this dumb thing!", without realizing just how stupid BOTH look. No candidate is perfect, but try and tell that to these people and shit hits the fan. I mean its pretty much like trying to tell a fanboy of video game that their game has flaws. We may think our arguing about politics is more important than our arguing on forums about the outfit batman has in Arkham City, but in reality it all equals the exact same effect: nothing. Because usually once their football team wins, when their football team is off the field, they'll do whatever the hell they want, and whatever sponsor gives them the most money. In the end its all gossip, based on shaky philosophical grounds, with very shaky financial principles. Our president is nothing more than a mouth piece. If you truly want to make a difference in this country, then change the people around the president who give him his advice, and create your own group for a specific cause. Voting isn't a bad thing, it should be encouraged, but I can't look past the fact that it really doesn't do much to push an individuals view, because you can't only have two candidates (who really can win) cover the view points of the people of America. Politics in this day and age puts people into red and blue boxes and causes us all to be as blind as fanboys.

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@Hawker: Is there something that makes both of those situations mutually exclusive? Why can't both be injustices to both consumer bases? You act like someone telling somebody that they have no right to complain about their toe being ripped off because you had your foot ripped off, while neither of those things are connected. Like at all. Both parties are aloud to complain about companies not performing correctly.