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Destiny is so weird because it's so busted, but I still love it.

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Geez I must be playing "wrong..." I'm level 13, been playing over 30 hours, and I haven't even unlocked the specializations yet. I didn't even reach Skyhold until 25 hours in.

Either way, I'm playing a dual rogue, and my party is almost always a combination of Cassandra as tank, Solas and a spirit mage, and a second mage as pure DPS of whatever type would help the most for the area.

You unlock them at the war table. It's a mission called "Specializations for the Inquisitor". Also, best party setup in my opinion is two tanks (one templar and one champion), a mage (knight enchanter) and a rogue. You're champion and knight enchanter will basically never go down, and if you're templar goes down, you can have her speced in a direction which heals the whole party. At higher difficulties, it's the only way to go.

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@hestilllives19: Yeah, that's true. Any word on how Crota is? Is he really just a really big Knight?

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The knight enchanter is basically a Dragon Age Jedi. It's pretty beast.

Edit: You should use this build. It's basically perfect.

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I liked Blackwall, but literally the first time I spoke to him I knew he wasn't a warden.

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@legion_: Look on the wiki. Look on GameStop.

Bungie themselves call it a "shared world shooter". Calling it an MMO is about as accurate as calling Diablo 2 an MMO. You're just going to argue anything and everything. And I freaking love Destiny, but it's no doubt that game is flawed as hell.

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It's good. You have the most awesome weapons in any AC game, and a likable protagonist. I felt it was kind of a more serious AC/Pirate-version of Django Unchained, but that probably just has more to do with the theme.