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Brings two new factions into the fray! 0

Company of Heroes:Opposing Fronts is a stand-alone expansion to one of the greatest RTS games to this date.(In my opinion, of course.) You get to play as the British, and the German Panzer Elite. The British take on a more defensive style of warfare, whereas the Panzer Elite(PE) take on a mobile style of warfare, where their army is almost constantly on the move to harass and tease the enemy.The British get to build defensive emplacements such as trenches, machine gun nests, and mortar nests fro...

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Very Addicting. Don't Play This. You'll Regret It. 3

I give this game 2 stars instead of one because It's very fun, but unfortunately, three times more addicting. I started playing this game because most of my friends were at school. Two of those 5 friends, I believe, are in serious trouble, one more than the other, but still. One of my friends, Frank(Not real name), frequently does all-nighters and also skips school to play this game. My other friend, Timothy(Not real name), plays an awful lot as well, but not as much as Frank.I feel bad for them...

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Quite Possibly... The Best RTS I've Ever Played! 1

Now, I bought Company of Heroes (CoH) a good couple of years ago. It was a great game when I bought it, but now Relic has decided to go all EA on us and charge us for new units via an expansion pack. This gives players that invested $30 dollars into an expansion pack an unfair advantage, and it tips the balance of online play. On the other hand, If you like playing single player, go ahead, this game is great for single player. Unfortunately, Relic screwed the pooch on the multi-player.  Opposing...

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