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Hmm kinda forgot about this game and haven't played in a while, but if i do ill have to remember this and start playing with some other duders.

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I would just wait to see how windows 10 goes. I don't personally use 8, but from the few times i have used it i absolutely hated the interface. It really felt like it was made more for tablets and smartphones and they just said fuck it and made it there desktop interface as well with little effort to make it work for keyboards and mice. I have heard it offers better performance then 7, but a quick google search is saying its only slightly faster with a few fractions of a second saved and a few more FPS here and there, the boot time being the big difference, the game and web browser benchmarks didn't really have that much of a difference at all.

I would personally wait for 10. There is no significant performance upgrade from 7 to 8 and the interface feels like a massive downgrade, whereas 10 looks like it fixes most of my problems with 8, and hopefully has an even better performance boost.

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If you are looking for people to do the Destiny raid feel free to add me on PSN, same name as on here. I have a lvl 30 titan and have beaten it a few times on hard and normal.

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@feels: Yes you will get the rewards for the beginning parts that you haven't completed yet. And you can still beat the Atheon again, but you will not get the rewards for it since you already got them this week. You can also use and click "Legend" on the left and hit "advisors" to check your progress on the raid and what rewards you already have for it.

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@xyzygy: There are a handful of PSone games that don't work with the Vita, and some that cant be directly downloaded to a Vita but are still playable. Just something to look out for in the future if you ever buy them to play on a Vita.

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@gla55jaw: I should have the TV by 8. PSN is the same as the one here "Lego_My_Eggo", ill add you when i get on also.

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@sweep: if your on PS4 and on east coast time id be willing to drag you though some of the queen missions later tonight, the guaranteed purple gear will help you a lot with getting some levels. And if another duder is willing to help the more the merrier.