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Just a heads up, clans have been expanded to include up to 100 members now, and beta clans will be disbanded by September 9th (you will still be in the group, just need to reset it as your clan for the full retail version).

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I think i did it once or twice for a demo from Japan, but yeah you should be able to DL and install it with the NA account, and the EU one should be able to use it. I think that's how a lot of people get games only released in a specific regions.

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For a company like Bungie the reason they post that stuff on Facebook and Twitter is to gain followers so they can be there to claim it first, that way they have an easier way to market to those people. So ideally for something like that they would just post a link, and your site would make a specific URL for them to post for that small patch of keys they are going to be posting every 30 mins or so. And asking people to jump through an extra hoop like making an account on a 3rd party site probably significantly reduces the amount of people who would actually use it, so if you can try and do as much as possible without the users having to make an account.

Ideally if a big company like Bungie where to use this they could just dump a bunch of keys on your site and users who follow that link would get one key, first come first serve, out of the allotted number of keys, and going back to that link would still show the same key for that same user and not generate another. I have seen a few "exclusive" giveaways from sites like Gamespot and IGN that have used this format, and from a user standpoint it was very easy and not a hassle at all because i knew i had a unique key and could take my time, and the site would mark that key as used and not give it out to other users. You could even give the address and instructions for where you can redeem the key based on what Bungie or any other company sets, that way there is no confusion with fringe cases like the Destiny beta.

The other use would be the random people on the internet with extra keys to giveaway or trade who would actually make an account. And steamgifts kinda fills that role and groups seem to be a big part of that site (we even have one for this site). Having never actually used steamgifts though it looks like a lot of there process is manually done, so if you could automate it a little more you could probably steal some of there users.

So if you could set it up to give the person with the keys a few ways to mix and match some options on how they want to distribute them that would probably be best. So if they wanted to post a link to handful of keys, or a thousand, they could link it to a group even if that becomes an option, do or don't an account to redeem etc.

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Yay! but also Boooo! since im sure it will be premium only!

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OK it looks like since they updated the store with the PS4 version today it has kinda broken the cross-buy somehow, but the PS3 and Vita versions should still be in your download list at the very least. I got it from PS+ and the store is acting like i don't own any version, but there still on my list. So hopefully they fix the error soon and i can get the PS4 version.

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You can either search it on the store which should be faster, or look for it in your download list.

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@thatpinguino: That is one of the tricks, and you can combine it with Wander's jump to launch him a little higher to help you with some of the speed runs at the end of the game. You can also hang from the side of the saddle, do quick starts and stops, 180 turns, there is a way to quickly get on Argo while he is running at you but is very tricky, and i think if you do it just right you can jump from a ledge and right onto Agro's back and ride away.

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@pabba: There is a place that people call ICO beach that looks very similar to the one at the end of ICO, and you can also do some horse riding tricks with Agro. And if you do manage to get to the top of the temple and see the garden don't eat the fruit there, it will drain your stamina rather then add to it like the other fruit.

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@djnardu: Did you try switching the channels on the routers? since you already solved the problem im sure its not that big a deal, but if they where on the same channel as the dongle switching it may fix the problem without the USB cable.