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If you have physical access to the router you can either reset the password (and other settings) with a small button somewhere on the router, or most routers i have seen nowadays have the password printed on the side. Some also use a default password like password or admin, so those are worth a shot.

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It depends more on the combat then anything else. If its the combat system of the old games then sure. But if its anything like what they have been trying to do since 12 then no, ill continue to play the old version if i feel the urge for some FF7.

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@sparky_buzzsaw: They did patch in the option for a text drop shadow, unless you just mean even more options for that.

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@bollard: here

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I say wait till e3 and see if there is a price drop just in case, but yes it is still worth it for some of the exclusive games. The PS4 is nice but no games compared to the PS3.

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I just wish I could "buy" a game from Playstation Now. I don't like the idea of when a subscription ends, I no longer "own" a digital game.

I think there must be a commercial reason they can't pull this off because it would make sense to me that they would let you "buy" games from Playstation Now. What's weird is that they have games on PS Now that you can buy in the PS3 store. Why not just set it up so that if you buy it in the PS Store, you can play it through PS Now? That would seem reasonable. I think it must have something to do with licensing or something like that. It seems like something they could technically pull off if they wanted to.

Its probably because they have to pay for the servers and bandwidth to actually run and stream the game for you, rather then just the bandwidth for the few times you would download a regular downloadable game. If you bought a game from PS Now that you then "owned" and played it all the time without paying a subscription they would eventually end up losing money on the resources needed to run that game for you on there servers.

I find the price to be reasonable, but i also still have my PS3 hooked up so buying the games is still probably the better option for me personally. Makes me wounder if they could make a rental service for slightly less where i could have access to a large catalog of "rentals" from the PS store but just download them and play them on my PS3/PS4/Vita rather then stream them, but once the rental period ends i lose those game just like PS+. I find that a little more appealing personally for the better performance and less stress on my own internet.

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While i wasn't always a fan of you in videos, you wrote some amazing stuff for this site, so you better keep those articles coming. And good luck on whatever you are doing next Duder!


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I think CoD is one of the exceptions, but i thinks its only for the cosmetic stuff that will not work across accounts, map packs and such should (i think) work across accounts. The main thing you have to make sure of is that if you buy a US/EU/JP region game you need the DLC from the same region as that game. Everything should work across accounts from my understanding, but i don't have different region accounts so i cant %100 confirm for you.

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Hmm kinda forgot about this game and haven't played in a while, but if i do ill have to remember this and start playing with some other duders.

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I would just wait to see how windows 10 goes. I don't personally use 8, but from the few times i have used it i absolutely hated the interface. It really felt like it was made more for tablets and smartphones and they just said fuck it and made it there desktop interface as well with little effort to make it work for keyboards and mice. I have heard it offers better performance then 7, but a quick google search is saying its only slightly faster with a few fractions of a second saved and a few more FPS here and there, the boot time being the big difference, the game and web browser benchmarks didn't really have that much of a difference at all.

I would personally wait for 10. There is no significant performance upgrade from 7 to 8 and the interface feels like a massive downgrade, whereas 10 looks like it fixes most of my problems with 8, and hopefully has an even better performance boost.