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I need my fix man!

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@crysack said:

Everything I've heard so far points to Destiny being a repetitive yawnfest. The metacritic user scores aren't looking good either.

When do the metacritic user scores ever look good? They're a mess!

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Nah, he's not roaming a wasteland killing for gas. It's not him.

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I think I consume everything except 8-4, mostly because I don't know who those guys are! I feel bad for not knowing :(

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With the release of The Last of Us: Remastered, which I never played due to just having a 360, I've been heavily considering getting a PS4 with The Last of Us bundle. As I just said I have a 360, as well as a 3DS. Although a lot of the games coming out cross generation at the moment, the 360 versions I play feel extremely shaky. Unfortunately, I also don't have a gaming PC, so I feel like I'm falling behind on releases and there are games coming later this year that I would really like to try out.

I can certainly afford to buy a PS4, but I am also in the process of trying to save money for next year. However, a price drop from Sony really does not look likely soon. Anyone else in a similar situation of trying to time their purchases right?

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It has been too long! They should bring this back!

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Wish I didn't live in the bloody UK :'(

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Clanker scared the shit out of me when I played the first Banjo Kazooiee

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Been a big fan of their's for years. Yeah they slip up now and again, but hey they apologise. Luckily their kickstarter for another site has gotten funded.