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It has been too long! They should bring this back!

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Wish I didn't live in the bloody UK :'(

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Clanker scared the shit out of me when I played the first Banjo Kazooiee

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Been a big fan of their's for years. Yeah they slip up now and again, but hey they apologise. Luckily their kickstarter for another site has gotten funded.

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Hannibal is my favourite new TV show this year, it is fantastic. It has a great cast, most notably the two leads, Hugh Dancy as Will Graham and Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal. Will Graham in this version is far more unstable, which leads to some great sequences where he has to question his sanity. Mikkelsen plays Hannibal in a very different way than Anthony Hopkins did in the movies, this Hannibal is a lot more subtle and restrained, yet he is still incredibly charming.

I cannot recommend this show enough.

One warning though, it might be the goriest thing that I have seen on television

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Wtf! Kill this thread!

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It's been 50 mins, if this isn't a joke, this is concerning.

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That's what I was told at school. Haven't researched the topic topic since though, it can just tbe simple answer.

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Why is this topic still going? This is the stupidest reaction I've seen on these boards for a good while

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Lol, Patrick barely said anything, but that doesn't stop people arguing against his views. This topic is such an overreaction, but hey, it's the Internet!