Gameplay blog pt. 1:Blogging on a whole new level

Hi guys!So i started this quasi-monthly blog but it will be like a full on magasine and as such it will be longs so be advised :)!So here i announce games and review them and have some off topic stuff all of the sections will be shown by titles and game title will be shown in bold :D!


Epic Mickey

Coming out:Q4 2010 Genre:Action adventure Players:Just 1 Developer:Junction Point
Publisher:Disney Interactive Studios Platforms:Wii exclusive 

Even though there is a full year til the game is out,Epic Mickey with his official apperance in public got a lot of attention.If not for anything else,then because of the fact that beyind all available information the information sitcks out that the man reponsible for the making of the game is the legndary game designer Warren Spector.Maybe it does not mean much to you,but it is a person responsible for games such as Deus Ex,Deus Ex:Invisible War and Thief:Deadly Shadows,and he also has his fingers in both Ultima Underworlds and System Shock.So,when Spector has something to announce then the industry and the market listen.And just taking in consideration the names and famous characters of mentioned games,the fact Spector is on a game that he himself describes as a latformer adventure with light elements of RPG-s and with the main role taken by Mickey Mouse,is an excellent for attention.The develepment of the game is by Spectors studio Junction Point (which was bought in 2007. by Disney Interactive after long and hard negotiotans which lasted for two full years!) and with pleasure i can say  that the game will not rely on technic reaches to be succesful,but  more on  its core and its really weird story to get succes,if we keep in mind who the main character is.

Alive Again  
To rise the "carrer" of a character everyone knows but no one cares about,Spector has decided to use a universal rule,and that is the return to true and almost unknown roots.Mickey started his carrer in the 20th years of the last century and started out as a rat with not even slightly subtle behaviour and not as a goody goody as we know him today ,so you can already get the picture of what kind of a character Mickey will be.However it will be up to the player to take him the path they want making him to help or hinder other characters,which will affect his looks and abilities.Still,the most important thing is that Spector has intentions to make an attractive game which will with its original design make gamers laugh,but sometimes even scare.
Spector has made up a world called Wasteland which is the home to all forgoten disney characters,forgotten attractios of entertanment parks,deleted scenes from movies,used costumes and other parts of the big dump hollywood has taken on the whole goddamn world!Still,while Mickey is enjoying a relative status,some people are really unhappy,starting with the oldest original Disney star,Oswald the lucky rabbit.Oswald was born in 1926,and after a starting succes Universal,which was the producer of Disney movies,stole from Disney based on the signed contract and ownership over the character and the whole drawing team,while Disney and his partner Ub Iwerks as an answer created Mickey Mouse.However,under Universal Oswald was not nearly as popular as under Disney,and so he was quickly forgotten,so Spector decided to put him as the main antagonist in wasteland.In game world Oswald is a bittered self-called king of the wasteland,angry at Mickey for losing popularity and love of father Walt for whos attention he painful craves for even though he does not really know who Walt Disney is.And when mickey accidentally spills attenuator on Oswalds cartoon Wasteland,he is sucked into a paralel world where he starts his adventure
Bad Guy

The idea is Mickey as a positive character has an assignment to socialize Oswald,melt his fury,include him into the world and get an allie  which will help him solve the problems in wasteland.Already through these brief descriptions you can see the burden of sticking out  tradicional human values like helping and rebuilding a broken family.Definetly an interesting concept  with some deep and difficult themes through a simple computer game even though kids will not notice them.Aside Oswald,but the main antagonist will be The Phantom Blot who has not been really talked about yet.

EA Sports MMA

After many fights betweem EA and the UFC president,Dane White, who threatened every fighter with a UFC project who goes in EA-s project,about MMA we finally found out something more.First pf all,there was a teaser trailer who is almost the same as UFC Undisputed one,but actors in this are more photorealistic .The currently runs on a modified Fight Night Round 4 engine and it looks really good,but on the core fighting we still do not know anything,though it has been said that the control will be mostly on the analog sticks.I do not think it is a bad idea,if we take in consideration the very complex and complicated control in UFC.For now it all looks really promising,especially the animation and character design.

Reviews are still in the works ,sorry folks


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Hello ladies & gentleman!
 Today i ought we should discuss a very important issue in the video game industry:Milking!So obviously anyone could name four milked franchises:Metal Gear Solid,Battlefield,Call of Duty and Halo.
Also as of recent it seems that Resident Evil needs to be added too!But lets talk about the four main ones a bit more and then later about RE!
So now you can actually remove Battlefield and Metal Gear Solid of the list because BF brings something new with each sequel,while MGS is like an interactive movie so you actually buy it to find out the story!
So we are left with CoD and Halo!CoD never brought anything new to the genre and just spawning 2 or 3 sequels or most 4  would be OK because they WERE (but were!) bringing new stuff  up until 5 where thing were just screwed!
It was an unoriginal piece of crap (flame shield...not needed)!While Halo is cool and all but after   brought absolutely fuckin nothing!Its just selling the same game over and over again,and reach is not going to change it!Hell one GB user named it "Halo:The milking continues",and with a reason!
Now RE...look at the number of the spin-offs the sheer number off "main" games i mean hell there is 3 or 4 code veronica games!Fucking beautiful!Oh,and how could i forget Street fighter(Flame Shield up)?!I will not even explain it i will just say: Super Street fighter 2 turbo HD remix!What is your opinion?One thing though:that perv Emandudeguyperson is not allowed to post here!
And another thing!You know what i think we will have to say about Dead Space in a year or two?MOO!


Fanboys and system wars-Do we need them?

Fanboys and system wars-Do we need them?

 Fanboys and system wars-Do we need them?  OK,so i have been on a lot (and i mean a LOT) gaming forums recently and even on the smallest ones there were those disgusting creatures called fanboys...and i just asked myself after seeing how they act i was like "Whaaa?!" they can't accept that their console is not the best and that in the end all are equal and its very......dumb.Yea!That is the word!Dumb!So i was thinking what would it be like if we didn't have fanboys?That would be awesome but its never going to happen and as such we need to stay out of those type of conversations but its hard sometimes and a flame war erupts!Its disgusting i tell you!I love a PS3 (This is just an example) so i am gonna call people who love the 360 morons fanboys even though they said nothing and vice a versa!Yea,that will solve all my problems!
Not saying that PC or PSP are any other system fanboys are golden either!So what is your opinion on this?Mine would be think!Your console is the best for you and actually for everyone in the long run ,but only in some spots;keep it in mind! 


Nightmare character review

  Definitely one of the coolest knight designs ever to exist, if not THE coolest... It's especially cool to see how much Nightmare has transformed (and gotten stronger) since his debut in Soul Calibur. Actually, Nightmare debuted in Siegfried's Soul Edge ending, but of course became an "original" and playable character in SC. He's a great contrast to Siegfried... Even though they are technically the same person (I think).


Fighting  Style  /  Moves
Personality  /  Charisma
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Overall Score
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Flash games

Ok you probably you read the headlines and pretty much figured out what is this about!It is about  flash games bering ignpred completely on Gian Bomb Gamespot  ign and etc.,i mean why?!Ok so flash is not always the best quality game but look a screenshot of this flash game i made!

And now seeing it give me one good reason for flash games being ignored! i mean you saw the graphics!