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wow 0

  Final Fantasy X is a great looking  game.I mean i only played the PS2 version and the grahpics were some moments arent very good looking most of them look amazing ,it seems like playing some weird crossover of a PS2 and a PS3 game when it comes to graphics.The storyline,like in all Final Fantasy games,makes absolutely no sense but its interesting.The gameplay hasnt changed much but squaresoft shamelessly wrote on the back:new fighting system.And it was just the same old fight...

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horrible graphics gameplay:ok 4

So yea it is Tekken one!I played this  game as a kid and i have to say that those graphics were ok back then but now....its just funny lookin.I remember the other day me and my friend were playing some Tekken 5 and then we thought to play Tekken 3 and then we gone to Tekken 2 and than we played Tekken one.....we were both lauging so hard because the graphics werent even good for that time.All of the characters (except for ganryu) were sticks ya know?And yoshimitsu?Whats up with the hair dude?!He...

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ok 0

Wanna play Red Ninja:End of honour,huh?Well if you are a guy well,you prolly bought this as soon as you looked at the box cuz...well...look at it!Ok anyway lets start this review shall we?My username is leky1 which you can see and my ral name is not be revealed ;),anyway i had a lot of fun with RN:EOH because its very Bushido Bladey  and it just kinda feels like playing BB in 3D (ill continue later)...

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a really good game 0

It was one of the best PS3 racing games i ever played!The AI was lethal!The thing i didnt like about motorstom is that there is absolutely NO chance to win unless u pick rides like:monster truck,big rig or mud plugger!The tracks were awesome but kinda hard to drive on as the amazing jumps mostly ended up with BOOM!!!!!!!Aldo it was entertaining to look at that it was kinda stupid the race would continue while u were was lolish to look race cars being smashed to the fence, they would a...

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-sigh- 0

tekken 4!what can i say about tekken 4?tekken 4 grew really far away from the series by the gameplay ,the new sidewalk feature introduced a lot more smoother sidestep but there is a downfall to that!sidewalk also slowed the sidestep a LOT!and having only three new characters didn´t  help much.kazuya is back eddy gordo is missing!they just can not make a tekken game without someone missing!!!!!!!really it taked me like 35 minutes to complete the whole game,tekken force is too easy as you can kill...

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WOW! 0

tekken 5:dark resurrection (i know there is not a wiki page for that on but im writing a review for the ps3 version)fixed all of the bugs of tekken 5 (and there was quite a few) for example the AI was finally fixed!namco also answered my prayers and jinpachi mishima was adedd to the roster.we also got two new characters (emily "lili" rocherfort and sergei dragunov) and  also a character that was not playable since tekken 2 dun dun dun dun.......... armor king!eddy gordo got his own...

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Wow 0

  Tekken 5 features a new graphics engine (System 258) which supports vibrant new arenas and incredibly well rendered character models. Tekken 5 came packed with a kicking soundtrack, hundreds of new moves, and over 30 diverse characters with deep move-sets. Of course all your Tekken favorites have been updated with a great variety of new fighting techniques, most of which looking nothing short of incredible (and hurt just as you'd expect). The three new characters introduced this time were: F...

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