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Yeah, I love this site with a passion. I've been following the lives of these guys and consistently consuming content since 2008. It's still like the only site that I look at every day. I'm not a big forum poster or wiki updater, but I do always listen to the podcasts and watch the videos.

These guys are very real and personal with its audience to the point where you kinda feel like you know them, unlike most other public personalities. This made Ryan Davis's death all the more unbearable and deeply affected me unexpectedly. To this day, I still find it tragic and weird that he's simply not alive anymore. He was a fantastic man. And I say "unexpectedly" because the usual celebrity death is tragic of course but doesn't really affect me in any way. But that's the difference with these guys, they're a lot more personal and we see them every day.

The strangest part is that I don't generally agree with any of their opinions on video games, I love the Final Fantasy series for god's sake, but I still respect everything they say and I keep coming back and I love just the general banter. This is something I've not found with any other video game site, where I'll just stop listening if it's too far left-field of my own tastes. I don't know how to describe it, the atmosphere here is just different and the extended family and community is excellent.

I love Giant Bomb too.

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The Ouya. I preordered it just as a curiosity and have a piece of video game history in my collection, then I forgot about it until its release. I live in Canada, so when it arrives at my door I apparently have to pay custom fees in order to even receive it on top of the price of the console that I had already paid for.

I played a couple of demos on the day that I got it and I have never touched it since.

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I can take 'em or leave 'em. Poutine's way better.

you got that right!

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let's do a tournament!

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brave fencer musashi is definitely one of my favourite games of all time. glad it's getting some love.

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I added Annoyed Gamer's tribute to the OP. It's also very touching.

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If you haven't heard it yet, this week's Weekend Confirmed with Garnett Lee, Jeff Cannata and Marcus Beer takes the first ten minutes of the podcast to pay their respects to Ryan Davis and it is very touching. Garnett and Marcus lose their composure while talking about how great a man Ryan was and it makes me want to break down all over again. Anyway, it's a nice tribute. Listen to it here:

Weekend Confirmed's Tribute to Ryan Davis

Edit - So does Annoyed Gamer with almost 20 minutes in tribute to Ryan Davis, right here:

Annoyed Gamer Pays Respects

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@metal_mills said:

He unified the internet.

You aren't looking hard enough.

Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you where. You'd only end up angrier/sadder.

yeah, it is extremely unfortunate that assholes like that exist. don't worry. they'll get theirs.

But yeah, Ryan Davis is a powerful force. His passing is a tragic loss for the world, friends, family, fans... We have lost an immensely important and unique voice for the industry as well. He will always be missed and loved.

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jesus christ, pachter made me tear up hard. so touching.