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The group date episode was one of the more uncomfortable episodes to watch, but I always love episodes centered around Dennis' sociopathy. This is probably my favourite show still running on television.

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I want more Vinny in 2015. We really missed you this year!!

2015 will be the year of GB EAST!

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I don't doubt that Rorie or other surprises will happen tomorrow, but there are eight people who deliberate and we have seen all eight of them already regardless of what happens tomorrow.

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The way they talk about Bayonetta in the Day 4 recap and the Day 3 podcast, along with the general vibe toward Mordor during the Day 3 podcast, makes me strongly feel like Mordor will NOT take GOTY and it will instead be Bayonetta 2. That's my prediction.

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@hwarang said:

Really Jeff? COD? Really?

It's his list

And he explains himself pretty well too.

Anyway, I did expect AW to make his #1 due to how much he loved the multiplayer, and FC4 to be high, but the rest of his list is pretty surprising to me.

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FYI, the plot and ending to Danganronpa is also discussed.

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@bbalpert said:

@milkman said:

Dan with the heel turn taking Mordor over Bayonetta. Why Dan why?

This will forever be known in the sheets as "The Monolith Screwjob"


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and scene.