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the last story.

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i played a loty

i played a lot of weird games for the playstation specifically

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it's very fun. i'm having a fantastic time. the only other game i spent this much time with and got this into this year was mario kart 8. so 5 stars.

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the greatest video game ever created. so good that upon completion i will retire from the material world altogether and spend the rest of my days in the alps.

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My name is "Lelcar" on bungie and my PSN ID is "Bromic_Lamonte"

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When I was a kid I had always wanted to play Guardian's Crusade and Fear Effect for PS1 after seeing them in a magazine. I have still never played either one of those games.

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Any game that you want to finish up any trophies or achivements for.

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psn: Bromic_Lamonte

add me please!

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The next game in the Zero Escape series (999/VLR). But there's still hope of it coming out!

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I like Final Fantasy XIII, Super Mario Sunshine and Silent Hill: Homecoming a whole lot.