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I just went back and watched From the New World and it is a phenomenal 25 episodes from start to finish. The ending is even great, which is rare for anime.

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The Infamous series.

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I've beaten the game and did all the character quests and I didn't find any part of Sera's arc that interesting. I was the opposite of you though, @leebmx , and actually thought she was cool as a first impression. However, she just gets more dull and whines and has insane logic about everything. It's subjective, but it's my opinion that Sera doesn't contribute anything meaningful to the plot or otherwise. Also, since there's barely any character specific customization, I'd say that you didn't miss much.

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@hcaryan said:

Don't mind me, just posting posting a link to some porn.


I like this post.

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Jaffe's a friend of the site. He's just doing what David Jaffe do.

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@infamousbig: I'm guessing you're not a Bombin the AM fan. Go back and watch earlier episodes from this year, he already went clean shaven this year. You might be able to see it in some GB East stuff too, but Alex's face is more prominent in Bombin the AM.

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I've been listening to Parasyte with headphones and man does it ever have great sound design, that show.

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Now's the time to get in on that Crunchyroll action and watch Fate/stay night and Parasyte, son.

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get hype.

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Can't wait. I thought Yakuza 4 was real good.