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I am most interested in Dragon Age and Far Cry. But, I'll probably end up playing LBP3 in some sort of social context.

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though did buy a bunch of gamepro and offical playstation magazines in the 90s.

I remember OPM being like the widest magazine and it would always stick out in the stack. The taller and thinner mags bugged me.

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...Or just bought a few times or have fond memories of?

I was way into PSM and Nintendo Power mostly, but I bought the odd EGM, Game Players, etc.One time I went to England as a kid and picked up a British video game mag. I forget what it was called though.

I still have my whole stack. My two favourite issues are the Final Fantasy IV (II) cover, and the 100th cover of Nintendo Power. I used to always pick up the news Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comic when I got a magazine.

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I played the shit out of LBP1 and loved it despite the questionable platforming controls and physics, however, that's where my love ends for the series. I didn't like LBP2 and I haven't played any of the side games they made.

The new characters and abilities seem like a step in the right direction, but I don't know if that's enough for me to jump back in yet.

I'll probably be roped into playing this game anyway as I have a friend who is way into this series, in which case I will be taking off my critical hat and putting on my social hat and I will most likely have some fun with it.

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I'm just a little confused as to why the Giant Bomb staff is being harassed and berated on social networking sites like Twitter or Tumblr. Some of the comments are uncomfortable to read, it's tragic, especially when Ryan Davis's name is used as a tool for shock and guilt. What do these people exactly want Giant Bomb to do? I don't understand that part. Anyway, this is my favourite website by far and I fear for the sanity of the staff. I just hope that everyone sticks through this and that they know that they have a lot of people who care about what they do. It seems to me like @jeff and @patrickklepek have had to take the most of the negativity aimed at Giant Bomb and that really sucks considering their own personal tragedies.

We love you guys and your true fans aren't going anywhere.

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Awesome! Even know I didn't really like AAI1 or Dual Destinies (I think it's always glaringly obvious whenever Shu Takumi is not writing the story), I am still obsessed with the Phoenix Wright universe and have played all the other games except AAI2. The first four games are some of my favourite of all time. So I will be checking this out.

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I honestly find most video game podcasts way too stiff, or the humour is awkward , or it's too serious. The only other video game podcast that entertains me as much as Giant Bomb, is Mega64. The chemistry and banter with Mega64 is flawless and hilarious. Well, to my sense of humour anyway.

I used to listen to Garnett Lee's podcasts from 1up and then Shacknews, but I fell off when he went solo. I listen to 8-4 here and there, but I can't take a lot of it. I've tried multiple times to get into Idle Thumbs on recommendation and I'm just not feeling the vibe of that podcast, I dunno.

I have a degree in Radio Broadcasting, I love talking. And I feel that no one else matches the air of confidence and professionalism as Giant Bomb. They are natural speakers.

Anyway, I'm always willing to give video game podcasts a shot and I wish I wasn't so picky about them because I do want more material to listen to while I walk, bus, and play games.

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I really really like Apollo Justice and it's a shame that the fourth AA game never gets re-released. But, the first three games are also fantastic, so get them.

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Final Fantasy XII, Wii Sports, Gears of War, Suikoden V, New Super Mario Bros., and Twilight Princess are definitely in my top 10 from 2006.

I also want to give props to the GBA version of Final Fantasy V.

EDIT - I didn't play Okami until it was released two years later for the Wii, so that's why it's not included in my 2006.

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This is pretty great! I loved your recommendation for Honeymoon and now I'm going to check out Coherence too.