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Homecoming gets a bad rap, but it's not that bad. In terms of story, it at least tries to tie things back to the cult and the roots of the series and had great boss design.

Downpour is an embarrassment created by people that seemed to actively hate the series the were making a game in.

I agree with both of these assessments. In fact, I actually like Homecoming quite a bit, but yeah, Downpour is absurdly awful.

I haven't gone back to the first four games since each was released, but I do like my memory of them. The Room is odd, but it has a House of Leaves vibe that I can really get behind.

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@colorwind: Sometimes. It's really a case by case basis. Sometimes I'm just too impatient to want to go through the trial and error or exhaustive exploration to figure something out, and if that's a design choice then that's on me.

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I need to be in a very specific mood to be ok with using a walkthough, but if I'm not in that mood and I feel like a need a walkthrough to progress with the game then I'll stop playing the game. That has come with age though. I used to be much more susceptible to having a guide open, but that hasn't been fun to me for a long time now.

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Been a fan of Giant Bomb since the beginning. It's Drew. I honestly didn't know that there was confusion about it.

Was he a Bombcast regular back then? I thought he wasn't until the latter half of 2013.

Nah, he was not a regular back then, but the picture is still Drew.

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Seems like your party will be morally ambiguous in this one and that makes me happy! Can't wait.

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Well, Jeff will certainly have something to talk about next Bombcast.

You could say he has a few topics to run over.

I'm sure Jeff will be firing on all cylinders when he hits this topic.

He might just hit and run though.

No, it's his expertise. I expect he'll give a killer rundown.

Buckle up for this Bombcast, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

I suspect Jeff will run down and kill a person using his car on the next bombcast.

Way to slam the breaks on this quote string..

Wow, get in gear. This thread went from zero to sixty in no time.

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What's the point in doing anything ever?! -- Jeff Gerstmann

I came in here hoping that I would see this quote already posted. Now I can walk away from this thread happy.

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I agree with the people who didn't have a problem with it. I love Isolation and I didn't have an issue with anything throughout the whole game. I might be above average at games like these, idk, but even on hard I didn't find the game to be that hard and I thought there are more than enough save points. There are times that i skipped saves because I felt it was too close to the last one.

That's me though. I had lots of fun and Isolation ended up #4 on my GOTY 2014, I believe.

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but I always love episodes centered around Dennis' sociopathy.

And I got what I wanted again out of this week's episode as well, Psycho Pete!

Also, it looks like there's a future episode called: Mac Kills His Dad holy shit!

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In several months, absolutely. MPP is one of my favourite features.