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Excellent, that game looks fun as hell

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It took Blizzard 9 years to announce a sequel to Starcraft and another 3 to launch it. Although the circumstances for a Starcraft sequel never seemed so dire as it does now for another Half-Life, it's still a crazy long time considering how enormous Starcraft was.

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That .gif is gonna haunt him for years

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Warcraft 1 and 2 are very rough and probably hard to get a hold off and get working, but it does introduce some of the well-known heroes of Warcraft today, so if you want to complete picture, you can power through them in an afternoon or something.

Warcraft 3 is amazing, it sets up just about everything that is in the Warcraft universe today, and the ending leads directly into the beginning of WOW. Definetly get 3 if you can.

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Your own card collection has no bearing on the Arena. The drafted cards come from the entire card pool, not from the ones you own. So a good or bad arena run is always down to your skill and luck.

Newer players in the arena, are often not experienced enough to grasp the strengths and weaknesses of individual cards, so during the drafting phase, they just pick cards that seem cool or strong, and then end up with a sub-par deck. When losing with such a deck, it is often hard to understand that you didn't necessarily play bad, you just drafted bad. As others have mentioned, Trump on Twitch might be able to help you with this issue.

I don't have much to add regarding improving your play in constructed, other than perhaps suggesting buying the Naxx adventure. As far as I can tell, you get a lot of good cards, for a low price, compared to buying deck packs. On top of that you get the actual content of Naxx, which I at least have found enjoyable.

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@turambar: @starvinggamer: Maybe the first win does? I got credit for Total Dominance, hasn't been working for my other quests though.

Total Dominance specifically says to win 7 games in any mode. The other quests need to be completed in Arena or Play mode.

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When's the last time Blizzard announced the subscriber count for the US in WoW?

They are announced every quarter, Activision is a publicly traded company. The numbers are not broken down into regions though.


Interestingly, Hearthstone now has more downloads than WOW has subscribers.

Also a story about HOTS just went live on Gamespot. Seems they're adding "a few people every week" to the Alpha.


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My friend got a beta key on the 10th of July, so I can confirm they're still sending out invites.

No idea if they do them in waves, or in smaller increments though. With Hearthstone my friend and I both got one at the same time.

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Should be his birthday guys, not the day he died.

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Copenhagen, Denmark