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This are some of the best games that I can remember for the Amiga. I have taken out some of the games you have already shown on the site and a lot of the games that also are on other systems.

This are some of the games you must play:

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Thanks for everything. You will be missed!

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@snide said:

OK. You win. We'll figure it out.

Here's the deal though. It might be difficult for me to offer this in a protected format the first few weeks. I may just post an unprotected MP3 after the show till we can figure out a better way to archive this.

I can definitely tell you we are attacking subscription content in a big way starting in September and this show will be one of the deliverables for our team.

Great. I`ve been wanting to hear this. But because it airs in the middle of the night I have never been able to hear it.

Thank you.