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In the woods at night with a flashlight 0

Horror is common ground for games to inhabit. Many games dabble with the Horror genre, some to a minor degree whilst others tackle it head on without changing course. I can't think of many Western games made that have ever done psychological horror well, most elect to favor the 'Evil Dead' inspired splatterhouse gore-orgy found in your Doom's and Dead Spaces.   Alan Wake aims for the Psychological horror region of the Horror world, and manages to be both a Wonderful horror game and a terrible Ps...

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Designer Splinter Cell 0

The Josh Powell soundtrack erupts in the open room. Lights blare to the remixed tectonic beats in unison with each rhythmic, unsyncopated drone. Hard lights and sharp edges reveal blemished and rank details upon the surfaces of the walk. The curtains await the presence of a model.  The beat changes to include a swelling instrumental score, a chord progression accompanied by a rising snare. Hidden behind the cacophony of dissonance, the beat reemerges exactly when the lights drop to reveal the en...

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Ditches the Raynd for Rousseau 0

I love the city of Rapture. A beautiful steam-punk noire metropolis built beneath the ocean, it is an Objectivist utopia in the vein of Raynd. The greatest virtue is to be a man to oneself, an individual not subject to the designs of a widowed world of indolent squalor. The ocean is an uncaring void, a blanket nihilist without a care for the insignificant lice that strive for breathe beneath it's gaze. Man must take for himself what he wills, for it is his will that is all that he has. The only ...

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Yawn. More killing stuff dead. 0

 Gears is a game best played by your hands rather than your head; it’s a lot like masturbation in this regard. The story in Gears of War 2 is pretense for the action in which you imbibe, the narrative equivalent of the set-up to a porn movie. The Pizza-delivery guy arrives at a fraternity house where several nubile co-eds are slathering their skin with tanning oil and dropping their tops. Dom searches for his lost wife, having exhausted every avenue available in the past.  The Pizza guy coyly a...

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It's like a made for TV Movie with amazing Special Effects 0

Don't let ambitious game critics fool you with their over use of the word 'Narrative' when describing how wondrous this game is. That word has lost it's meaning, having been used up over the last year by Reviewers who have little concern for the literal meaning of the word, who can't quite convey what it is about a game that makes it so damn good. So they throw in the word Narrative because their editor have told them the use of the term 'plot' has become passe.   Let's stop using literary dicti...

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Designed to consume your time 0

FFXIII is what happens when a design team under pressure to mix up a stale and dying formula looks across the Pacific ocean. They see Lost and notice the ensemble cast with a variety of interesting back stories, non-sequential story telling and mysterious settings that may involve more than just coincidence that the characters are brought together. They see Call of Duty and pilfer the focused environmental design and on-rails action. They see World of Warcraft making billions of dollars, and red...

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One of the best games I would never recommend 0

Playing through a Halo game is a good exercise in complicated emotions that probably results from a level of cognitive dissonance required for me to enjoy the game. For example, whenever a line of dialog is ever actually spoken, my brain usually has to work over time to fabricate a much better line of dialog to replace the line my sensory organs had just experienced, and filter this information before it ever reaches its intended destination, that being the repressed 12 year old boy hidden benea...

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