Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys English Dub Released!

My brother, Burnt Lasagna, has been working on a fandub for the PC-Engine CD game Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys for a long time and it is now finally complete! There have been several attempts to dub Ys IV since the text patch was released back in 2004 and now the game's cut-scenes are finally fully voiced in English! I believe this is the largest English fandub for a video game ever completed with more than a hour of recorded dialogue with more than 20 actors. But enough talk! Go this link for more information! I Hope you enjoy the dub or at the very lest enjoy this cool trailer:


Beat'n My Games: Thoughts on Corpse Party

Find out more information about Corpse Party by reading my previous blog post and by visiting XSEED’s official website.

I started playing Corpse Party on November 22, 2011 and I finished it 5 days later on the 27th. Corpse Party is not a "short" game it took about 10 or 12 hours for me to complete it, so if you can't tell by how quickly I finished it I really liked the game a lot. Few games have grabbed my attention and forced me to marathon to the end like Corpse Party has. Now although the game is obviously a horror title I did not enjoy the game for the gory imagery or jump scares that are advertised in the game’s trailers. What made Corpse Party such a compelling game for me was how it made me feel empathetic to the characters’ situation.

The great localization by XSEED certainly helped a lot in this department by giving the characters very natural sounding dialogue, which helps a lot in a game as text heavy as this. The game's text is also used intelligently during certain scenes when there are no visuals and the text is describing the situation. These "black screen" moments are mainly used for Corpse Party’s death sequences and are very effective at creating a horrifying atmosphere since it allows your imagination to "see" horrors that cannot be visualized just based off the game's text and sound.

Speaking of sound, Corpse Party expresses a lot of the emotions of the characters through its sound design. The soundtrack is amazing and changes tone with the game’s story. Most of the music in the first 4 chapters has an atmospheric sound to it that fits perfectly with how confused and terrified the characters are. In the final chapter the music becomes much more upbeat and energetic which matches how the characters have become more confident and now have a plan to escape the school. Corpse Party is also completely voiced and although it is all in Japanese it still does a fantastic job at conveying the emotional and physical state of the characters. There are some partially great performances by Asami Imai as Ayumi and Tomokazu Sugit as Kizami. Although Corpse Party sounds fantastic many people will be less enthusiastic about the gameplay.

Corpse Party's gameplay is very simple which is to be expected from an upgraded port of a game made with RPG Maker. There are limited puzzles and a majority of the game consists of exploring the environment clicking on anything that looks interesting. Even though that may sound boring to some I believe that it is well designed and simplifies things so the player can concentrate on the game’s main attraction, the story and characters. Exploring the environments can be really interesting as you discover the bodies of other students who have been trapped in the school and read notes or flyer that explain the game’s back story. However, the characters and story are the most important aspect of Corpse Party and the best think I can say about the gameplay is that it doesn’t get in the way of that.

I know I have done nothing but praise this game but the thing is that everything I like about Corpse Party is highly subjective and many people may not enjoy this little horror title. Corpse Party is obviously not a high budget game and there are little things here and there that will annoy some people. The biggest complaint I’ve hear is how it is really easy to get a “wrong end” in Corpse Party’s final chapter and the game does not give any hints on how to avoid them. However these flaws did not bother me and I'm not writing a product review so I'm not going "detract points." I'll just say that if you call yourself a fan of adventure or horror games than you should give Corpse Party a look. I enjoyed every minute of Corpse Party and I hope it does well for XSEED so they can release its sequel, Book of Shadows. It’s because of games like Corpse Party, and because of publishers like XSEED, that I’m happy I own a PSP.

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Beat'n My Games #1 Corpse Party

Corpse Party (PSP)

PSP version
Japanese Box Art
Original PC-98 version

One of my favorite video game genres are adventure games, such as the Ace Attorney series and the old Scumm games. I also love discovering obscure Japanese games so Corpse Party caught my eye when I first read about it in a Siliconera news article. Corpse Party is a horror themed adventure where you play as a group of students and their teacher who get trapped in a haunted elementary school. Can they survive?! The game was original developed by a doujin group called Team GrisGris for the PC-9801 using an old version of RPG Maker. Team GrisGris later remade Corpse Party in 2008 as Corpse Party: Blood Covered and the game was remade yet again for the PSP by 5pd, creators of Steins;Gate, as Corpse Party: Blood Covered:…Repeated Fear. This PSP remake is the version that XSEED recently released as a PSN only title for America. I purchased the game on day one thanks to the hype from Hardcore 101’s article on Japanese computer games witch called the game “brilliant and award-wining”, that award being the 1996 2nd ASCII Entertainment Software Contest, and from Tom, aka Wyrdwad, from XSEED. There are 5 chapters in Corpse Party with multiple endings. I am currently on chapter 4 and unless I get one of the bad endings I think I’ll be finishing this entry in my back log pretty quickly. Wish me luck and stay tuned for my thoughts on Corpse Party when I finish the game.

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"Beat'n My Games" Mission Statement

I really like video games therefore I own a lot of them. However, many of these games sit on my shelf unfinished. I could make the excuse that “I’ve been very busy lately. I don’t have time for games.” but the truth is that I play my games all the time. The problem is that I keep getting distracted by shiny new games. I have now accumulated quite a large back log of unfinished games and it’s becoming depressing thinking about all the money I’ve wasted on these games. So I have decided to make a vow! I’m going to conquer my gaming ADD and beat all the games in my back log. I’ve created a list of every game I own that I have not finished. I’m going to pick one game at a time from the list and play nothing else until I finish it then move onto the next game on the list until I’ve played them all.

"Beat'n My Games" will chronicle my quest to finish my back log. I will have two posts for each game. In the first post I’ll say what the game is and why I purchased it and in the second post I’ll say what I thought about the game. I’m also going to restraint myself and not purchase any new games until I’ve completed this mission. Wish me luck.

Stay tuned for my first entry!