"Beat'n My Games" Mission Statement

I really like video games therefore I own a lot of them. However, many of these games sit on my shelf unfinished. I could make the excuse that “I’ve been very busy lately. I don’t have time for games.” but the truth is that I play my games all the time. The problem is that I keep getting distracted by shiny new games. I have now accumulated quite a large back log of unfinished games and it’s becoming depressing thinking about all the money I’ve wasted on these games. So I have decided to make a vow! I’m going to conquer my gaming ADD and beat all the games in my back log. I’ve created a list of every game I own that I have not finished. I’m going to pick one game at a time from the list and play nothing else until I finish it then move onto the next game on the list until I’ve played them all.

"Beat'n My Games" will chronicle my quest to finish my back log. I will have two posts for each game. In the first post I’ll say what the game is and why I purchased it and in the second post I’ll say what I thought about the game. I’m also going to restraint myself and not purchase any new games until I’ve completed this mission. Wish me luck.

Stay tuned for my first entry!