GOTY 2012

A personal list of my favorite video games I played this year.

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Posted by atomic_dumpling

Just for fun and out of curiosity I am hunting down the few people who voted for Black Mesa and check out their lists. First of all, it appears I am not the only one who could not come with 10 games (not by a long shot). Well, I can say that I have never even heard of your GOTY -- hardly surprising given giantbomb doesn't cover thee PSP at all these days. I feel Kid Icarus just sort of flew past everyone (pun intended).

Posted by LentFilms

@atomic_dumpling: Hey thanks for checking out my list. I am a little surprised so few people put Black Mesa on their GOTY lists, however that may be because the mod is technically not finished yet.

The PSP should be dead at this point but every now and then a good game comes out. I'll still be keeping an eye on the PSP in 2013 since XSEED is releasing Book of Shadows and Atlus USA may localize Eternal Punishment (but probability not).