Hello, GB Community! Yeah, so like everyone else, I'm writing my first blog post to get me some hecka sick quest rewards, bro! But to make this post useful, I'll tell you a bit about my gaming history. I'm a 17 year old dude, so I don't have as much experience as a lot of folk, but I got my start playing emulated games on PC with my brother like NBA Jam back in the day. My first games I played myself were Mortimer and the Riddles of the Medallion and some Mother Goose game, both of which terrified me due to the presence of, respectively, some evil dude named Lodius and a giant frog that would pop up if you left the cursor idle. Since those early days, I've played my fair share of PC games, some standouts being Rayman 3, KOTOR, Starcraft, Guild Wars and Team Fortress 2. I also recently bought myself a PS3, and have spent  a large amount of time with Street Fighter 4. I'm still a total scrub, but hey, it's an awesome game. I don't know what my gaming future will hold, but I know that GiantBomb will always keep me informed!