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I'm pretty sure you press it, and then it sets the alarm to about 15 minutes later, so you can sleep in a bit more. It's weird though.

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Oh, I forgot the best part! It came with an ad showing a picture of a cobwebby joystick that said "Want to play a different kind of game? Start using Axe products and get some real action!" It also said "Instead of playing single, play multiplayer." It's almost like they're encouraging people to stop gaming for the ladies haha.

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@Axxol said:
" Battle axes would have been cooler. "
They'd probably have to give out the deodorant as well with those things though. You can work up quite a sweat wielding an axe!
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In the last few weeks, my brother and I have both bought stuff at EB Games (I live in Canada) and received complimentary Axe giftpacks. Mine had some shampoo, bodywash and hair putty stuff. My brother asked the clerk about it, and apparently they've noticed that their customers can be a bit on the unhygienic side, so they're trying to make the world a better smelling place by encouraging gamers to shower. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has encountered this and what you all think! Unfair stereotyping, or stinking reality? Also, I wonder with they give to the lady gamers...

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Thanks for the heads up! I totally just went out and bought it.

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34 to go! Thanks for everyone's help so far :D

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Like a couple people said before, I don't check other game sites, so I actually appreciate the smaller news stories. Also, Brad Nicholson seems like a good guy, don't be hatin.

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I doubt I'll complete it, but hey! Write whatever you please! Open season on my wall!

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Carrier has arrived.

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@Rattle618: Jazz music huh? Cool! What instrument(s) do you play? I'm a sax man haha.