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@tdk08 said:
" @LiquidPrince said:
" What? No it's not... "
@Leo said:
" Whaaa? It isn't for me, weird. Oh well, I guess people have two options now haha "
Lol, I feel like a dick now; I forgot I have an extension for Chrome that auto-links any URLs. Sorry 'bout that. "
No need to apologize haha! You should be proud of your pro chrome extensions!
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I say it's time we go back to the future. Battlefield 2142 2, anyone?

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But... I don't want to kill the teddy bears! They're so fuzzy :(

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Considering Donovan and Beckham, the only two players anybody knows in MLS, are on loan and probably won't come back..... no.

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Obviously them dudes from guild wars. You just have to kneel in front of their statues and they give you cool stuff!

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@Daveyo520 said:
" I was born a poor black child raised in a small cabin with my 6 brothers and sisters. When I grew up my parents told me I was adopted but I still loved them anyway. I decided to go out on my own and help earn money for the family. I started out working in a gas station where I got my very own room and eventually got my name in the phone book! I was somebody! One day we had a customer who had glasses but they were falling down so i helped fix them by putting a handle in the middle so he could grab it instead of the sides so he wouldn't stretch out his frames. My name in the phone book came back to haunt me though when a crazed killer chose it out of a phone book and decided to kill me forcing me to run away from my job. I then ended up working at a carnival guessing peoples weights. One day I meet a woman an while I played ukulele on the beach we had our 1st kiss and I fell in love. That 1st night felt like a year, the next night felt like 4 days, the next felt like half a day while the next felt like a week, then she stayed at her mother's so it felt like a regular day, but the next day felt like another year. But then she left me and all I had was my dog. That same man who tried to kill me then visited me and while running away he told me he reformed and just wanted to give me a letter. It turns out that man that I help with the glasses turned into into a product and sold millions. Since I was the inventor I became extremely rich. So I had to track down the only woman I ever loved. It turns out she was in a department store selling makeup. I won her heart back and together we lived in a mansion happily ever after. That is untill my invention turned everone who wore it crossed eyed and they sued me for all my money. I lost it all and my wife left me. Now I am a bum living in the street and all I have left is my thermos. If only I had some Steam games, things would be better ;_; "
That's all I need, I don't need anything else! Just this ashtray, and this paddle game, and this remote, and this copy of Audiosurf...
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I recently played Half-Life 1 for the first time. It's not that old, I guess, but it was lots of fun still! I just started to play Deus Ex, we'll see how that goes.

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