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Actually.. what's up there now (sans the Soundtrack section) is my handiwork..

I tried to keep with the spirit of what Cook66 had written, but chunks of it was lifted or plagiarized from wikipedia and other parts had a lot of personal usage that's better off in reviews "Lastly, I can't forget to mention.." etc. I've got both pages saved (wikipedia vs what had been there) at the moment on my home computer, but I can't upload them until I'm home (on vacation >

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In a word: yes.

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From what I was told by someone on the GB IRC, points are still moderated, so maybe our points are still in moderation? Hopefully we just have to hang tight and they'll appear.

Either way, I wrote a big point article on the Adeptes Astartes page and haven't gotten points yet as well as another batch of images on Supreme Commander. It seems to only happen with high-point submissions, lower point ones going through immediately.

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This seems to happen with images more than articles, but I have been credited for articles but not gotten the points for them. I just uploaded another batch of images to the Supreme Commander page and received nothing for it.

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World in Conflict is staying a PC exclusive. The Q4 release for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are not titled "World in Conflict" but rather World in Conflict: Soviet Assault which will also be a small expansion pack for the PC version.

In short: All the non-PC releases on the World in Conflict page can be deleted.
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Hazel, I'm experiencing similar problems. I've written and edited a few articles which have given me points, such as Geometry Wars and not received any points for them.

I've also had problems with images. I uploaded approximately 60 screenshots I took myself through xfire to the Supreme Commander page. I do get credited on the pages for making the edit, but my wiki points on display on my profile do not accurately reflect the number of points in my profile. I did a total of all the points on my wiki page (and I might've bumbled a tiny bit when I hit my one and two point submissions) and got 1515 points, rather than the 1312 I've been credited on my profile home. If the wiki submissions page and your point total are supposed to be 1 to 1, I am definitely missing points that pages are crediting me for.

This too began only after I broke 1,000 points and could make live edits.

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The International version is just an expanded re-release, it should be merged along with the collector's edition.

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Yeah, like others have said, I was holding off buying GTA4 knowing it'd be on the PC. I did eventually cave in and buy it so I had some games for my PS3, but I knew this was inevitable.

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BothBarsOn said:
"I didn't know that (that I could choose the parts myself and have someone else build it). I'll look into it. Thanks everyone."
That's pretty much what most computer vendors like Dell, Alienware, Falcon, etc do. You tell them what specs you want, and they build it. Of course, your choices are a little limited and depending on the dealer, you may have more or less options. If you want an easier run through, go with Dell, Alienware or any of the big name main-stream names like Gateway, etc.
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I've already placed this same request but as you can see there is a lot of debate over what constitutes a separate submission and what counts as a re-release. In my eyes, DX is just a director's cut with an extra dungeon added in. Go look at the debates in my Super Mario All-Stars and Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence threads on the same subject. If Super Mario All-Stars requires a merger, then this DX release definitely needs one. The difference between the game is mainly cosmetic after all, adding in just a few bonuses.