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Posted by LethalKi11ler
This video from youtube shows how to install games on your hardrive with the new dashboard for the xbox 360.
Posted by LuckyWanderDude

Awesome, thanks for the vid.

Posted by Claude

I can't wait for that update, thanks for the vid.

Posted by TheGamerGeek

Kinda neat but I hate the new dashboard.

Posted by tokyochicken

Ya pretty cool feature but yeah the new dashboard strikes me as bland for some reason.

Posted by Sweep

the new dashboard looks terrible, its going to be such a mistake. What are the benefits of downloading a game onto your hard drive? And any idea how much space these games are going to take up?

Posted by LethalKi11ler

As you can see GTA IV is 6.8GB
The games should load faster basically :s

Posted by darthzew

That's sweet! I can't wait for the update!

Posted by Aaron_G

I need a bigger hard drive now.