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I really like it so far too, wish it was on Vita tho. Would make the graphics more bearable but other than that really cool game and love how diverse all the characters are love controlling all of them (except the flute lady -.-)

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Loving the game but Co-op is a must past level 5 missions.

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@zirilius: I agree with everything you've said, I purchased the game but am using GameStop's 7-day GamePlay Guarantee to trade it in for PSN credit and so didn't mind the length. I absolutely loved the story (except the ending) and really hope they get to expand the world they've created. Still want to know a few things though:

Why weren't we allowed to spare Lucan?

Why didn't Gallahad inform Isi of his findings at the time and why did she lose her shit so quickly?

All of the main villains are still alive (Hastings, main chancellor is a douche, all the vampires from the other cargos headed to India and the "New World" made it?, etc)

What was the epilogue about? Less than 10 lines of dialogue lol.

I'd give it a solid 8/10 with the points lost due to the lack of story closure and some broken gameplay mechanics (Almighty shotgun fighters, QTE for stealth kills?, lack of replay ability).

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Bought it today, planning on using the "7-day satisfaction guaranteed" GameStop thing to exchange it for PSN credit once I finish it.

I think it's only fair for a game that "screams" rental, I'm sure I'll enjoy the hell out of it regardless but it's really just a stand-in until BloodBorne next month.

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Loved it and felt like I got every penny out of the $60 price tag, so $25 sounds like a steal to me!

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4 hard tacos supreme, 2 soft tacos supreme and 4 locos doritos tacos <3

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I use my Logitech G35 for long gaming sessions on PS4 most of the time. When I'm too lazy though I just plug in my Beats Studio into the controller and it sounds great too.

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Really wanted to, super bummed out to see the Majora's Mask 3DS XL sold out so quickly. If I can find one then sure, else I'll probably wait it out some more.

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:'( Best of luck Patrick, you've been amazing on this site. Will miss the morning shows, horror games playthrough (big horror fan myself), Spelunky and overall just great written work.

Wish you the best wherever you end up and will be sure to be reading/(watching?) whatever you work on next.


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Imagine booking a reservation at a hotel and then the day you were supposed to stay there for your vacation, the hotel gets bombed or shot up by some maniac. And then imagine getting angry at the people who run the hotel.

That's what this thread is.