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Sent a request under LethalKi11ler :)

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I'm not ashamed to say I've spent quite a lot of time on this game (about to turn into an A-list celebrity) but the reason why it's so easy for me to play is that it can be done in the background while I'm doing something more important like watching TV or something. I won't spend any money on it but it's just a neat little game I play on the side now, used to be Game of Thrones Ascent, before that the Simpsons Tapped Out... It's a good time waster every few hours.

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Slowly becoming my favorite feature on the site, keep it up Patrick!

Personal Highlight of the Week: Phil Fish video. Always liked the guy's attitude don't know why and I love seeing bias opinions. I like him *runs and hides*

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@patrickklepek: This year's content stuff was amazing. The end of the Day content was great BUT one little thing (and I see it a lot in the comments above) is the "making more unknown guests talk".

Don't get me wrong, I love Johnny V, Langzone and the Harmonix dudes. Like they made their shows, however, I feel like they should be separated. The Witcher 3 guy for example, I get he was exhausted from all the stuff he had to show all day but I expected more personal questions from you guys. Maybe Vinny sitting down on that panel for more relevant questions than "Can you breathe fire out of your mouth?".

Other than that, I loved the show floor videos (watched the "behind-the-scenes" like 3 times and will probably watch it again). Having the end of day panels as a podcast and a video also makes it great to discern the voices and give faces to them.

All around a great E3, I've been with GB since day one and usually my enjoyment of E3 is closely tied to the quality of the games. This time my enjoyment came from the content produced by you guys, and I can't wait to see the rest of the videos/dumptrucks I've missed.

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Great, great, great, GREAT article. Always been very curious to anything EVE online but I don't seem to have the time to dedicate to it.

Kinda jealous I missed out on what seemed like a great battle... except for the monetary losses.

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@intro said:

I thought we already got past this? He said he was in a drunken stupor at the time, all is forgiven.

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@katimanic: Super curious to know if it'll show up on Tuesday, Good luck either way!!

P.S. Amazon.ca lied to me once about the delivery date and gave me next-day shipping that showed up in the morning, was perfect so I'm surprised to hear your story :/ Living in an apartment building probably has something to do with it though.

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I couldn't figure out why everyone was playing Mass Effect 3. Then I saw the date.

Same, same, tripped me out.

But umm playing my PS4 (FIFA14, BF4 (Now that conquest is working) and ACIV) and some Hearthstone on PC whenever I'm just on my laptop or something (Can't wait for the iPad port). With exams coming, I'll have to wait a while before playing them again so here's hoping to them being all patched up and ready for me. With Zelda on 3DS and Pokemon X to finish and Soul Sacrifice on Vita UGH TOO MANY GAMES!

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I figured I'd be busy enough with all the launch games, ACIV, COD Ghosts, BF4, FIFA14, NBA2k14, etc. Here's hoping for more announcements during VGX