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Nice! Will most likely pick this up.

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I'm T. I will let you all guess what it stands for.
On a side note, I would probably still be a lurker/casual user if it wasn't for these stupid addicting quests.

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I would assume Jobs gets mad at anything in life he doesn't have direct control over.

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@Berezov said:
" With blogs like that, you should invest in a Twitter account. "
Already on top of that. haha!
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@ESREVER said:
" This game looks fantastic. One of my most anticipated titles for 2011. Really hoping it doesn't flop, like all the other MMOs I have been anticipating.  At 3:30... that poor, poor bunny. Poor thing gets obliterated!  I just now started playing Guild Wars with a friend, in anticipation for Guild Wars 2. "
My wife and I are looking forward to this as well! We played through all of Prophecies and Eye of the North together, a fair bit of Factions and most of the beginning of Nightfall. Our Christmas present to ourselves is going to be 2 copies of GW2.
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@Xeiphyer:  I guessed that's what would happen. It's been an incredibly slow day at work so I figured "why not." Let's see what happens. It's an interesting way to set things up for sure.
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Loved RezHD. This looks great! Not big on Kinect though. Be interesting to see if the bugs get worked out.

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@Gamer_152:  Thanks for the welcome. I will make sure I take a trip through the rules.
@zegolf: It was the only thing I could think of at the time of writing. Knowing me, which I do pretty well, I will probably blog occasionally.
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Another space to blog. I will most likely not be updating this very often, if ever again. I already have a blog and I don't have the kind of time I wish I had to keep things like this updated and relevant.