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I have both an 360 and a PS3. Does the gameplay play any different or smoother from either one? I know Brad review the 360 copy but thought I might ask if anyone played the PS3 version.

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lol one hell of a reply.@Enigma777 said:

*rolls eyes*

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I'm glad Jeff is honest with his reviews. So far I found that IGN and Gamespot not saying any word in there review about the frame issue problem in Uncharted:GA. Even I saw the issue during while playing the demo at a local Gamestop.

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@Xpgamer7 said:

Oddworld:Munch's Odyssey

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cool stuff thanks for the replys!

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I'm not sure if this question ask been ask once or not if so, forgive me for asking again.  On Giantbomb's reviews for a game that is on 360 and PS3, which is the best to play on, I maninly see reviews that was played on 360 consoles and didn't knew if that was the clue to pick up on or not.  I have both systems and at times don't really see a different in the two. 

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So far I don't see the patch listed for download on my PS3 yet.  Sony must be releasing it at different times around the globe.

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wow thanks for the response everyone, amazon seems to be a go for me.  Thanks again!

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Every time I tune in on the Bombcast I hear the crew talk about deals they get on amazon.  After following Amazon on Twitter and seeing many deals pop up on sickdeals.net I thought maybe I should start buying some items off  Amazon as well.  Anyone here buy stuff off  Amazon often and use  Amazon Prime (what is that anyway?).  Plus I may apply for the Amazon Credit Card if all helps.

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Playing from the Xbox 360 Controller so much it's pretty hard playing on the PS3 control (or me that is).  I thought there would be a option in the game to custom your own controls so it would feel a little at home for me to run through the game.  With 10 hours already in the game I'm still finding it a bit hard to get around the game my solider class.  If may just be me but wanted to see if anyone else had the same problem.