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Anyone here who's played a game on Xperia Play and knows how the physical buttons feel like?

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BTW, we're currently holding a contest where you can win a promo code for MSM Pro.  
Details on how to enter are available on Level Eight's website for anyone who's interested. :)

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@PeasantAbuse: We love FlatOut too! :D Especially that minigame where you would smash into a wall and send the driver flying towards a gigant dartboard.
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@Yanngc33: We here at Level Eight apologize for any confusion this may have caused you. What we meant was simply that the stunts depicted in the Launch Trailer are impossible stunts to pull off in a real-world setting contra performing them in-game. We hope that you'll reconsider returning your purchase, but if you still feel you want to, here's a link to a guide which details how to get refunds on your App Store purchases: http://tiny.cc/46ady We hope this info will help you. :)
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