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Too little too late. I'm already done with Skyrim.

The lag was a giant pain though. Considering that they've had trouble with ps3 versions before I guess that this is something I should've foreseen before going in. Makes me feel like an idiot, I'll make sure to not buy another bethesda product on ps3 again.

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Not necessarily that disappointed in DA2's length, when the end game I was maybe a little too thankful that the abuse was finally over.

In the future I would be satisfied even if the game was only 30-40h (hell, 25-30h wouldn't be that bad) as long as that time is filled with quality content. There is absolutely no point in prolonging a game if you're not ready to spend the necessary time or resources on it to keep up the quality standard.

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Not that it would have ended up being any good anyway, considering what interplay has been reduced to.

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Baldur's gate 2.

John Irenicus still manages to be the best. He'll fucking rip your soul out of you.

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Would prolly buy it the second time if the pc version offered incentives like mods and other goodies.

Here's the petition by the way, in case someone missed it in the comments.


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Excellent choice GB, DA2 absolutely deserves it.

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@Neeshka said:

Not having a trial account was a big mistake imo for bioware; a lot of people will be cautious and not even try this out ($60 + subs).

You're calling not having a trial at launch a big mistake? A trial is something that should always be offered down the line for those those who're uncertain about the game. If you offered a trial at the release the number of sold copies and pre-orders would fucking plummet, and there should hardly be a need to elaborate how damaging that would be.

There is like zero benefit for having a trial so early on when people who're going to get the game regardless are still purchasing.

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It's a solid star wars product with voice over content that is rather expensive to produce, if they made it f2p the regular content updates would probably slow down significantly if not stop altogether. The game is also made by bioware who just happen to be governed by EA, and we know them. Yeah.. I don't think that they would even consider making it a f2p unless the situation is really desperate, and at that point the game would probably already be on the verge of tumbling over, aka. destined to die. Which is really not a scenario I'd imagine happening in anywhere near future.

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Would be cool if the developer wasn't cyanide. They also developed the game of thrones genesis game which was really, really bad. So they kind of dashed my hopes already.

Still hoping that CD projekt gets to develop something with game of thrones as source material. Bioware wouldn't be a bad choice either, even though their audiences faith in them has wavered a bit lately it would still be quite decent.