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@supa_kappa: To be fair they actually have a case with this, as Bungie/Acti had with Destiny.

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The power of the cloud!

Why someone would take a day off of work on day 1 of a heavily multiplayer focused game, I have no idea. Learn from the past or repeat it. Take Friday off or something and make a 3 day weekend out of it, should be fixed by then.

I missed the part where he stated he took the game off for Halo specifically... I wasn't aware that people could just chose what days they get off of work. Must be nice in your world.


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Are we at the point where the next "Mario Kart" is just gonna be "Nintendo Kart"?

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Goddamn it I got robbed on "suck it down".

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@wmoyer83: This is the settlement of a class action...

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As an individual (and as a studio head) who used PayPal, yeah. Fuck them.

It really sucks because when offering a product to customers, PayPal is a super attractive option. Who doesn't have a PayPal account? But yeah, they're absolutely horrific.

I bought a four-pack of Borderlands back in the day and had my three other friends chip in to my PayPal. I bought the game on Steam, but PayPal thought my purchase was fraudulent. They proceeded to take their money back from Valve, and thus Valve has no other option as per their policies than to close my account (and with that ~$2k in games).


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@jamesjeux007: Developers can't just flick a switch and disable ppl from installing their game to the HDD. It's an Xbox 360 console feature. It's not really up to Rockstar to allow or disallow people to install the disk, so they have to let their audience know not to do it for the optimal experience.

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So I'm watching Patrick's Spookin' with Scoops right now, and despite being logged in (and refreshing the page/loading GB and clicking through to live show just to make sure) chat is saying "You are not logged in."

Any tips? Or is this a known issue at the moment?

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So there's this stream happening with this game right now.


I don't think anything else needs to be said but "Jeff and crew need to play this game. Immediately."

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I went to a school that required uniforms and I didn't really mind them. However, I feel I need to echo how unreasonable administration can be at times when it comes to said uniform.

I remember one time, it was in the middle of winter and there was no heat in the school. Let me repeat: middle of winter. No heat in the entire school. There was snow outside and icicles freaking everywhere. You could literally see your own breath just sitting down and breathing in class. How did the school solve this problem? Anyone with an official school jacket, which were at least a good solid $100+, could wear them in class. Everyone else?


This actually happened in my school. I (well, I told my mother too, being a law geek) that this was against the law, complained and threatened legal blah blah (probably wouldn't ever gone through with it, but just to see what kind of a response we'd get) and what do you know you could wear any jacket/jumper to school the next day.