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If you play FF3, just stick with the onion knight class. They are way stronger than they should be, and since you never have to start your level over if you never change class, you end up stronger than you would if you switched classes. It's absurd.

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Yeah it's crazy but I'm sure people will explain why there is no reason to panic and why thinking this is crazy is silly

Normally I'd yell at people for ignoring the PPP value, but the British pound's PPP to USD is only 8%, so the net value of a pound is still about 150% of the USD.

So really all you can blame is marketers for figuring out that a subset of British consumers way overvalue EA games.

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I can't stand playing most games anymore because most do nothing more than rehash extremely old ideas. And when I play a game that specifically tries something new, there's a pretty good chance it's just one new layer on a ton of old ones. And even then, there's of course a chance I won't like the new mechanic anyway.

I still like watching Let's Play's though, can't really explain why.

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Cheating hurts the grade curve for everyone else, so I never did it. I'm not sure if that makes me a saint or a chump. Well, either way, I'd rather be a chump than hurt some other innocent's chances at a good grade.

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I remember seeing a headline that said the "Holy Grail of cancer research" had been found.

It turned out that this "holy grail" drug extended the average lifespan of people with one type of cancer by 4 months.

In other words, don't fall for BS headlines.

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The Ngage. That's the right answer, right?

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Some people are blissfully unaware of how poorly they enunciate their words. Unfortunately, trying out the new X1 and Kinect is a very poor time to learn about this, especially since the Kinect may to be blame for much of the recognition problems anyway.

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Upside to downloading:

  1. Speed of purchase
  2. Don't need to take discs in/out
  3. Can't lose a disc or case
  4. Less environmental waste..?

Downsides to downloading:

  1. Need internet access to download
  2. Reliant on servers being up when you need to download
  3. No manual or case to look at
  4. Resale options are limited
  5. If the publisher goes bankrupt, who knows what happens to your ability to download the game
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Can you answer some of these questions about the game mechanics:

  • Do you have to stop combat every time you want to switch spells?
  • Does turning into a werewolf get you stuck in hallways?
  • Does leveling your non-combat skills make the enemies way stronger than you?
  • Is the inventory a long list of names sorted alphabetically that you have to scroll through every time you want to use a potion?
  • Do the shouts bug up half the time and not work?
  • Does your wife disappear from the world after you marry her?
  • Do certain items weigh so much that just having them and your armor prevents you from carrying anything else?
  • Do you have to spend all your perk points on the boring combat upgrades and have none left over for the actually interesting perks if you want to have maxed out combat stats?
  • Does the vampire form do negligible damage?
  • Do you have to cast a high-mana-cost spell on an enemy right before you kill them every time you want to drain their soul?
  • Are thief skills ever useful for the non-thief quests?
  • Does adopting a child do nothing?
  • Is armorsmithing the most powerful skill in the game by far?
  • Does alchemy require looking up a list of the best potion ingredient combinations for any reasonable rate of exp?
  • Is lockpicking a single minigame you have to play thousands of times?
  • Is magic resist the most important stat on your combat equipment by leaps and bounds?
  • Is the world large and empty?

Thanks in advance, I want to make sure they've fixed the bugs the last game had.