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An unpolished pile of garbage 0

The Evil Within is not a good game. There are plenty of decent game mechanics here, since it uses the cookie-cutter survival horror mechanics of exploring/shooting/looting, but it is so poorly put together that it is a complete waste of time. Here is a list of things that ruined the game for me:One or two save points per chapter mean you are relying on the game's autosaves most of the time. And the autosave locations are garbage. You will have to redo entire sections if you die just before ...

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Boring in all aspects. 0

The original Amnesia game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, was fun because it had interesting puzzles, extremely dark and scary locations, a suitable castle-and-dungeon setting, a story that included a very memorable villain, and some decent dialogue to set the stage. It also made great use of peaceful locations to contrast the dark and scary ones, and overall it was just a blast to play (unless you had major problems with the consumables, which happened to some people).In contrast, this game has "p...

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It's a puzzle game. It's nice. 0

This game is mostly comprised of self-contained puzzle rooms (think Portal). There are a few bosses, lots of pointless enemies, and open areas, but it's mostly just puzzles that you solve and move on.The humor and art are excellent, the puzzles are standard "push blocks, activate switches" and are fairly challenging, and the combat is boring Zelda-style whack-a-mole.The game's main difference from other Zelda-clones is that it can be completed without attaining all the Zelda-esque special items....

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Another mediocre, derivative WoW clone 2

As is par for Korean MMO's, this game is a microtransaction fest that offers nothing new to the MMORPG genre, and actually manages to lack basic features that were in WoW back in 2004.This is your basic class based RPG where you level a character from 1 to 50 by using skills to kill enemies to finish quests. The combat feels identical to WoW, with skills ripped straight from WoW, except the skills are a little more sluggish in this game with a pause after each cast is finished. The questing is t...

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Everything a game should be 0

This game is exactly what I want out of a game.It wastes no time with unnecessary dialogue/tutorials/find-your-sword-sequencesIt's fast paced from start to finish (though you can steadily upgrade your character to have more time if you prefer a little slower action)There are tons of upgrades to unlock, but the game is 100% playable with the starting equipmentExperimenting with new weapons unlocks upgrades for them, but if you don't like a certain weapon then there's no need to use itSituations c...

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Awkward combat and illogical puzzles make this game a chore 0

La-Mulana (LM) is a Zelda style dungeon-diver where the protagonist roams through variously-themed catacombs to collect weapons, tools, keys, and upgrades to steadily progress through the dungeons, solving puzzles and hunting monsters along the way. LM differentiates itself from Zelda and Metroidvania games by employing "environment" style puzzles; instead of encountering a series of contained puzzle rooms, a dungeon of 20 or so rooms will have many linking objects and components so that the ent...

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A fun dungeon diver, but limited in scope 0

This game is a Rogue-like dungeon diver. Basically, your character is customized with 7 skills at creation and is then thrown into a very long dungeon with the goal of reaching the end. There are no towns, quests, or even a real story; the goal is just to put your RPG skills to the test hunting monsters and loot while avoiding traps.The game had a $5 price at release, which would normally suggest the game has either major problems or very limited gameplay. Dredmor falls in the latter category; e...

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A pretty fun little MMO with quite a few innovations 0

This is a spiral knight. The look is customizable, and each gets a unique color theme.OverviewSpiral Knights is an action-RPG that takes place in an MMO world. While the dungeons are instanced, with characters groups limited to 4, the trade area allows for about a hundred players to actively trade and talk with each other. That being said, this game can be played completely single-player if you wish; the dungeons scale monster HP to accommodate player count, and I find this mode is actually pref...

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Great ideas, but too repetitive with tough controls 0

 I'll be honest, I didn't make it more than halfway through this game's campaign.  I just... couldn't.  Quite simply, this game is 95% combat (I checked to make sure the rest of the game was the same, and it is)  and the combat was not satisfying.   The introduction to the game (as seen in the Quick Look) is entirely misleading.  In the beginning, the player must solve puzzles by combining his magic or using it in interesting ways.  For instance, a generator that is beyond a gap mus...

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