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'nuff said. 360 plox
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Look closely bottom left and all is revealed. Sadly though, this isn't a screenshot of the actual game.

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Noice! Whenever I get the chance to play online I play Zerg and I don't use Ultralisks so nothing has affected me (yet)..

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@ISuperGamerI: Indeedy doody. I have a Canon EOS 1000D =D
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Added youuu!

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I'm not in school anymore but when I was in Sixth Form (last two years of school before University in England), I did start to play World of Warcraft again and got to Level 80 during the last few months which was really critical but, I still finished my Computing coursework to the best of my ability and I passed 2 out of 3 courses (with the lowest grade but that's because it was just too damn hard for me. I couldn't cope =/) So, no, it didn't affect me at all.
Just wish though that I had something to show for... I just don't feel capable of anything =/ [/depression]

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I had a mini rant about this on twitter earlier. £130 is ridiculous and, like many other people, I'm not convinced by it at all (to be honest, I'm not fussed about Move either but at least that's £35 to get started and not the price we pretty much pay for a Wii ¬¬).
IMO, this motion control nonsense needs to stop. I just want to relax when playing a game, not shouting at a stupid camera for not measuring my movement perfectly. blahblah /rant

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Living in the UK and not in a big city (eg, London), there are very few females (if any at all) who come in to video game shops who genuinely look like they could be gamers. They tend to look like mums just going in to spoil their brat with a new game. But, I'm not bothered by it at all and I wouldn't be bothered if a genuine female gamer came in because you just don't know who does what nowadays.
Then again I want most of the people who go into game shops to get out because they're stupid, ignorant and get in my way!

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I just work in a mini-supermarket but aspiring to be a photographer. I'd like to do conventions and stuff like that but that needs money which is hard to save seeing as I have to pay my own way whilst still living with my parents =/

Funny to think that I wanted to be a programmer at first oO

#10 Posted by lewigi2012 (49 posts) -

Okay, that thing is just scarily good oO

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