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Liverpool, UK, 4mbps, works fine for the most part but occasionally stutters, also videos seem to end early. old player was smoother for me personally.

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ah was looking forward to this as well, we need more comedy games, i guess business is business, but then i can't see the business sense here, it will only mean it will shift less copies and loose them money, unless sony has compensated them for this in which case they've lost money and for what? to shift consoles, the game looks good but not a console seller, maybe i've missed something.

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best insight into the trials and tribulations of game development i've read, hope they rise again, they've already made some really original games and subversion looks really interesting, thanks for the link ryan

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looks like it'll be really good, enjoyed the tetra vaal and joburg films, looking forward to this :D

@plagueseason as it's shot like a documentary that's the reason for the pixelated faces, as you often see pixelated faces in documentaries when journalists in some cases choose to protect the identity of those they're filming
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Has it actually caused controversy? or are we jumping the gun? (sorry), on a serious note though i doubt it'll make much waves here in the UK, you get almost as much flesh from hollyoaks at tea time, and gta4 was given a lot of good press on it's release over here, being referred to as cultural satire.

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ah I love Wallace and Gromit! pity it's on arcade though with the power of the 360 and ps3 you could get the plasticine look right, the noticable fingerprints are part of it's charm and why it trumps pixars super polished look in my opinion! Oh and will it come with some free wensleydale? :D

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only thing that could be worse is if he panned the camera round to show he'd had drastic plastic surgery to look like his avatar. :P

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I  like the idea of a virtual environment to meet up with friends and stuff, could be funny, but given its a virtual environment and they could have let there imagination run wild, the environment looks extremely stale, just seems like one of those hyper-commercial beach resorts which are built in 6 months and lack any real character, am I alone in this opinion? 

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Did they include the fact that Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian? of course i'm not saying that that was the reason for the holocaust; or that theres anything wrong with being a veggie, just that you can take a fact out of context and use it to make a point, but just because its a fact doesn't make your point a valid one.
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Isn't the hamburger the meat between the buns, i.e. the minced beef patted into a round shape - a recipe/technique invented in Hamburg, Germany? So even if it wasn't between two pieces of bread it would still be a hamburger,