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Never played 4, cant wait for this to start!!! (i imagine its weeks away though right? After E3?)

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for Drew's sake I hope they play the version where you can aim over the shoulder. i recently tried to go back and play this and it was rough especially because there is no radar like the first two (i know you have the movement sensor, but its not really the same as seeing vision cones on a radar). being able to aim over the shoulder lets you survey the area a little easier than first person mode.

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Having never played the original, I'm curious to see if Nintendo releases Majoras Mask for 3DS this year.

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Damn, so this might be lost forever?

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Ive managed to not read much of the spoiler talk surrounding FEZ, but then i heard someone during one of the GDC videos say something about FEZ and QR codes. I then thought to is that what the secret is? download a damn QR reader? lol but luckily that doesnt seem to be the case.

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ok thats encouraging them. I definitely want to give this game a try.

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Do I need some sort of QR Code reader in order to beat this game? Like a smart phone app or something?

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Was on sale the other day on steam so I decided to buy it, especially after noticing it was Ken Levines top game of 2013. I am really enjoying it, but man is it tough. I beat, but didnt do to well in the first two missions so I didnt gain any prestige which is basically a currency that can be spent to reinforce units or buy reinforcements. So that seems like a bummer considering I might have a really really hard time progressing because of how i did in previous missions but other than that I love it.

Anyone else play it?