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Having never played the original, I'm curious to see if Nintendo releases Majoras Mask for 3DS this year.

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Damn, so this might be lost forever?

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Ive managed to not read much of the spoiler talk surrounding FEZ, but then i heard someone during one of the GDC videos say something about FEZ and QR codes. I then thought to is that what the secret is? download a damn QR reader? lol but luckily that doesnt seem to be the case.

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ok thats encouraging them. I definitely want to give this game a try.

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Do I need some sort of QR Code reader in order to beat this game? Like a smart phone app or something?

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Was on sale the other day on steam so I decided to buy it, especially after noticing it was Ken Levines top game of 2013. I am really enjoying it, but man is it tough. I beat, but didnt do to well in the first two missions so I didnt gain any prestige which is basically a currency that can be spent to reinforce units or buy reinforcements. So that seems like a bummer considering I might have a really really hard time progressing because of how i did in previous missions but other than that I love it.

Anyone else play it?

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do the crash bandicoot levels where you are being chased by a boulder or polar bear count? if so, yes.

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the Mclaren has the new tire model now! Feels waay better, but a bit sensitive on the curbs.