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@gkhan: Thank's , i've been searching for a while and couldn't find the solution (and for the https for dumbasses like me)

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Welcome to bothe Dan and Jason, i've been following Dan since GI days and super replays so good things ahead.

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Tweet at Rorie maybe he knows what's up.(reencoding maybe).

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@cornbredx: Damn , they should have livestreamed it after the castlevania thing yesterday.

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@skooky: Where exactly does he post them , i could't find them on his mixlr?

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So it's done . TLOU has finally emerged victorious.Congrats!

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Is Red Dead really gonna take it? I hope so.

#8 Edited by Liam89 (33 posts) -

I fell that sequels should be justified by what they brought new to the table and in that regard I fell MGS IV changed things up more than Portal 2 .That cqc fight with Liquid was crazy on a whole nother level. Portal 2 i fell was just portal with better story and characters but not a memorable moment like MGS IV.

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Guys what if I told you that Ni No Kuni's soundtrack of orchestral tracks kept me from leaving the game at 10 hour mark

and finishing this 50 hour monster, Oh and the boss themes are also very enjoyable.

#10 Posted by Liam89 (33 posts) -

Sleeping Dogs going strong I see. I personally had way more fun playing Sleepy Dogs than ANY GTA so that's that.

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