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I never played minish cap. I think i might be the only zelda game I didn't play. Excited to give that a try.
Some other good stuff on that list too. excited.

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Did they make the companions quieter since the beta? Hated hearing other players companions yelling at me from haflway a cross the planet, was my biggest complaint of the beta.

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I haven't read the thread, so what I've said has probably already been posted but:
The homicide section of the game was freaking awful. Like one of the worst things I've experienced in a game. Almost every case was the exact same thing, you followed a trail of leads until you got to a "bingo look this guy has a stash of blood covered knives". It gave the impression that none of the questioning/evidence gathering really mattered, because as long as you could barely scrape by enough info to get to the next investigation area, the case would solve itself when you stumbled onto the collection of blood covered knives.
Then there's the whole gimmick where it turns out:

On another level, though I initially liked the concept, as the game went on playing "guess which actor is pretending to lie when they're really all actors and lying" was not actually a fun game play gimmick.
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@SmiteOfHand: ah that's a major bummer. Thanks for checking it out for me though.
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Yah I was just concerned about local multiplayer.
If you can quicksave in singleplayer I have to assume you can quicksave in local multiplayer.
I'll rent it first or something just to make sure.

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I watched the TNT of this, and it actually looked like something my roommates and I might really enjoy, but we don't have the time to sink into a 4+ hour game of fortune street.
 For people who've actually played the game, I was wondering: Is it possible to save your match in the middle of it to be picked up again at a later time?

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I've been enjoying giantbomb video content for a while but just VERY recently actually registered a forum account. Would it be wierd if I joined the guild or is anyone welcome?

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I'm pretty excited for this game, I pre-ordered in November so I'm not getting in on the 13th I'm sure, but the now with it starting on the 13th maybe I'll actually get a few days of early access.
Still torn between Operative or Jedi Guardian. Gotta make my mind up.

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I was just reminded of this game on another forum, saw this topic and had to come post here.
That game is miserable to play, it constantly beats you down and makes you question why you are bothering to play it.  I can honestly say I hated playing it.
At the same time, the game is a special experience I've yet to experience in another game, I have loads of positive memories when I look back, and if they made a pathologic 2 I'd probably run out and get it.

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They killed off Gat cause Daniel Dae Kim was too busy with live action work to do lots of voice acting for the game, didn't they?

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