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I think the silence really hurts one aspect of his characterization. Venom is apparently supposed to be consumed with a desire for revenge, but he comes across as weary and checked out. That's fine, but it really didn't seem to match with the story they were telling and the themes they were exploring.

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Completing Mass Effect 2 on the Insanity difficulty. Good lord, that game in particular was unforgiving at the higher difficulties.

Mine too. Going back and playing through the series on Insanity was a pleasure, but real tough. Those platforms in the Collectors' ship... yikes.

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Frankly, I find this kind of uproar incredibly immature. Remember when it was fashionable to bash on Roger Ebert because he refused to take games seriously as art? Guess what, that's changing, and it seems to me that that same kind of gamer suddenly realized they don't like it. It's gone from "why won't people treat games more seriously?" to "it's just a game! Stop taking it so seriously!"

Because art gets actual analysis and criticism. People will tease out themes and messages within the narrative. This is a good thing for the medium, and people getting hyper-defensive about it aren't helping.

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Also, a common misunderstanding is the conflation of evolution the theory with evolution the phenomena. When Einstein proved that Newton's theory of gravity was wrong, he obviously did not disprove gravity, but just Newton's explanation of it. Objects continued to fall when dropped.

Evolution, in the simple sense, is simply a fact. Life on Earth has changed over time. The fossil record, DNA evidence and direct observation all clearly demonstrate this.

*How* this happens is much more open. Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection is deservedly the dominant "theory of evolution," but there have been others proposed over the centuries, such as Lemarckian evolution. These theories could be wrong, but even if Darwinian evolution was disproved tomorrow, we would lose an explanation but not the phenomenon it was trying to explain. Because life on earth still changes over time, and objects still fall when dropped.

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Evolution is a difficult subject because it is so deceptively simple that it's very easy to misunderstand, and soon you're thinking of higher orders of creatures vs. lower orders and similar errors.

It's about an hour long, but I highly recommend this interview series with a medical doctor named Randall Nesse who goes into many of the aspects of our own bodies have been shaped by natural selection, both to our benefit and detriment. Susceptibility to back injuries, the immune system, women outliving men and so forth. Lots of interesting stuff. It fantastically illustrates evolution as a process, when too often we focus on the outcomes. Also, the interviewer is Richard Dawkins, but don't get put off by that as a religious person. He's pretty much there as a sounding board, and I don't recall religion ever coming up.

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The death of the Joker in The Dark Knight Returns

For context, an older Batman has come out of retirement, which causes the thought-cured Joker's psychosis to re-emerge. After the Joker slaughters a horrifying amount of people, Batman resolves that he has to finally kill him. It has to end. When has the Joker cornered, he breaks his neck, paralyzing, but not killing the Joker. He still cannot make himself become a murderer. This is how the Joker responds.

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You own 193 games worth: $2,504.48 USD

Member since Half-Life 2, and I go after those Steam sales pretty hard.

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1. Mass Effect 2

2. Braid

3. Fallout 3

4. Portal

5. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

6. Supreme Commander

7. Rainbow 6: Vegas

8. Super Mario Galaxy

9. Rock Band

10. Uncharted 2: Among Theives

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Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie