RE5 is so racist!

Oh, man is it racist. First of all, everybody knows that there are no black people in Africa; Capcom put them there just so they can kill them. And they're possessed by an evil parasite? What're you trying to say? I think it's pretty clear, Capcom. Blacks are worms that need to be shot down. How could you? And if this wasn't bad enough, you play a white guy! I know! It's so racist! The only reason they made Chris so many years ago was to set up justification of the slaughtering of a proud people, after all. And Sheva? They made that poor woman turn against her own people. Is that what you want, Capcom? Blacks to kill blacks until there are no more? I bet they can't even get off unless they rub a picture of Hitler against their junk while slowly dissecting the neighbor's livestock.

Why couldn't it take place on a futuristic Mars where all life is the same color due to thousands of years of interracial breeding? Or how about Spain again? You killed tons of not-black people there-- maybe it needs to be revisited. Or bring it back to America! As long as we're killing whites it's okay. Remember the zombie dogs? Why not just have a whole game of those? But make sure they're not too dark, or else I'll suspect you're up to old tricks again.

What's that? I'm so sensitive against black people being put down that I don't realize that skin color isn't the only way to distinguish people, and I am in fact being more racist for saying they're any more special than any other race? I don't understand.