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Posted by Lies

This will be me.

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Posted by Disgaeamad

Adopted kids, right?

Posted by brukaoru

He looks just like you!

Posted by Thordain

well done Lies, you went through the effort of posting an image. Pretty funny though.

Posted by DualReaver

That chick has a nice rack. :3

Posted by pyromaniac

she seems to have a nice ass too...

Posted by DualReaver

I would love to draw my penis into her body.

Posted by MasterOfPenguins_Zell
Disgaeamad said:
Adopted kids, right?
That's what I was thinking. XD

Great comic Lies.
Posted by tokyochicken

<3 Penny arcade

Posted by ThomasP

What a bitch? How could she do that? I mean, that's like mistaking Zack (the one from Zack & Wiki) from Mega Man. ;)

Posted by TheGTAvaccine

I lol'ed.